Canadian Super Bowl Fans Prefer Pizza and Chicken Wings

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Canadian Super Bowl Fans Prefer Pizza and Chicken Wings
A national Leger poll conducted from January 18-21 among 1,530 Canadians aged 18 and above reveals that Canadians prefer to eat pizza and chicken wings while watching the Super Bowl 50. To this extent, 41% of Canadians watching the game at home prefer to consume pizzas with 20% saying they prefer chicken wings, and a paltry 3% voting for nachos during the Big Game.

While it can be clearly seen that pizza is the most popular choice among many Canadians who desire to watch the Super Bowl, chicken wings is fast becoming the favorite for fans of teams while the Big Game progressed. To this end, 24% respondents in Quebec and Ontario would go for chicken wings, as against the 13% in other provinces.
"It's one of the busiest days of the year for us," said Pat Finelli, Chief Marketing Officer for Pizza Pizza. "We do whatever we can to understand the needs of Canadians and through this process we're able to offer new promotions and food choices that score points with our customers and sports fans alike."
Pizza Pizza experiences a spike in orders as the Super Bowl draws close annually, and its restaurant locations, call centers, website and mobile apps become besieged with huge orders a few hours before the game starts.
"We've been preparing for months," said Finelli. "Thanks to the dedication of our franchise partners, staff and suppliers, we've implemented a variety of measures to ensure that our customers have a great experience."
On February 7 which is Super Bowl Sunday, Pizza Pizza looks forward to processing over 70,000 orders for pizzas and chicken wings – a 45% increase over normal Sunday orders. The restaurant firm is certain over 120 orders will be placed per minute during the peak hours, and so looks forward to hiring about 330 casual workers to take orders while others manage the delivery.
And to fire up fans during the Super Bowl 50, Pizza Pizza is partnering with Tabasco Sauce to introduce a new chicken wing sauce to its teeming customers – the sixth wing sauce option the firm will be introducing to its customers. Customers will be able to go for Pizza Pizza’s breaded, naked chicken wings and classic sauced in the new fiery red spicy sauce prepared by Tabasco Sauce.
"We wanted to ignite wing lovers' taste buds and this new hot sauce, fueled by TABASCO® sauce, will bring your spicy meter into the red zone," Finelli said.
Pizza Pizza advises customers to place urgent orders via its website or mobile app so as to beat the big game day rush, with the option to place advance orders three weeks before the big game.


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