The Super Bowl 50 Ads

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Ads
The Super Bowl 50 will be bigger than many Super Bowls. It is an anniversary Big Game and it takes place in the heart of Silicon Valley, where money is everywhere.
CBS knows that and charges reportedly a record-breaking $5 million for a 30 second ad slot. Each year there is a discussion if a Super Bowl ad is worth the cost.
There have been many success stories, but also big failures. Recently smaller companies and startups have taken the risk of buying a Super Bowl had and had great success with them.
Website hosting company SquareSpace is an example of a small company having found Super Bowl success. The company debuted in 2014 as Super Bowl advertiser and followed up last year with the quirky Jeff Bridges Super Bowl ad. 
SquareSpace will be back for Super Bowl 50 and so is competitor The return of these smaller companies proofs that Super Bowl commercials are worth the money.
Find below the confirmed Super Bowl 2016 ads in alphabetical order. We decided to list this year the brand that will be featured in the Superbowl commercial and not the company owning it.

Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Acura Super Bowl 50 Ad
Honda announced a Acura Super Bowl 50 Ad in December.
Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl 50 Ad
No details.
Butterfinger Super Bowl 50 Ad
The Butterfinger Super Bowl 50 Ad marks Nestle's return to the Big Game after a year break.
Colgate Super Bowl 50 Ad
The Colgate Super Bowl ad has been announced in December and will be about conserving water.
Doritos Super Bowl 50 Ad
The Doritos Super Bowl 50 ad will be the last consumer sourced Superbowl ad for the PepsiCo snack. The final three commercials are up for public vote now.
Honda Super Bowl 50 Ad
The Honda Super Bowl 50 commercial will feature the all-new 2017 Honda Ridgeline.
Hyundai Super Bowl 50 Ad
Hyundai announced early on to advertise at the Super Bowl 50. The Korean car maker is a big sponsor of Super Bowl 50. Hyundai is running four Super Bowl 50 ads directed by heavy hitters including Peter Berg.
Intuit Super Bowl 50 Ad
A small business will be again win to be featured in a nationwide Superbowl ad paid by Intuit.
Kia Super Bowl 50 Ad
Kia announced a Super Bowl 50 ad early.
LG Super Bowl 50 Ad
LG announced the consumer electronics company's first-ever Super Bowl commercial. The LG Super Bowl 50 Ad will be about LG's OLED TV and produced by Jake Scott, son of Ridley Scott and maker of Budweiser's Lost Dog ad.
Mini Super Bowl 50 Ad
BMW will run a Mini Super Bowl 50 ad. It will be the only Super Bowl 50 commercial from the German car maker.
Mtn Dew Kickstart Super Bowl 50 Ad
PepsiCo has bought an advertising spot during the Big Game broadcast for Mtn Dew Kickstart
PayPal Super Bowl 50 Ad
PayPal announced the first PayPal Super Bowl Ad in the company's history.
Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Ad
Pepsi is again the sponsor of the Super Bowl Halftime Show starring Coldplay. Along the Halftime Show the softdrink brand will run Super Bowl commercials.
TurboTax Super Bowl 50 Ad
The TurboTax Super Bowl 50 ad will feature big brains to explain simple TurboTax is.
Shock Top Super Bowl 50 Ad
So far Anheuser-Busch InBev only confirmed to air a Shock Top Super Bowl 50 ad.
Skittles Super Bowl 50 Ad
Mars announced a Skittles Super Bowl 50 commercial
Snickers Super Bowl 50 Ad
Mars has announced to run again a Snickers Super Bowl 50 commercial.
SunTrust Super Bowl 50 Ad
Financial Services company SunTrust announced its first Super Bowl commercial.
WeatherTech Super Bowl 50 Ad
Even for car mat maker, Super Bowl works. The company will be back again for Super Bowl 50.
Wix Super Bowl 50 Ad
The Wix Super Bowl 50 commercial will be created by DreamWorks Animation Studio and feature the characters from the new Kung Fu Panda 3 movie.
The I4U Super Bowl 50 Ad Chart was last updated: 01/05/16.
Most brands are still keeping their Super Bowl ad slot purchases secret until closer to the Big Game. CBS's President Les Moonves has said in early November that almost all Super Bowl 50 ad slots are sold out. The network is holding spots back to charge more then the $5 million other advertisers paid.
CBS will for the first time broadcast all national Super Bowl ads also in the Super Bowl 50 online live stream. In the past, the online stream had a different ad schedule and only the NFL online stream had the TV ads.
Super Bowl 50 will take place on February 7, 2016, in Santa Clara, at the Levi's Stadium. The stadium is the home of the home of the San Francisco 49ers. Super Bowl 50 will be topping all previous Super Bowl's because of the anniversary. Marketers are flocking to Super Bowl 50 and it will be a huge TV event. 

Find out which Super Bowl 50 Ads will be airing during the Big Game in 2016. 

The Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show will be performed by Coldplay. The British band is expected to bring on several guest performers.

CBS is broadcasting the Super Bowl 50. The Super Bowl 2016 game will be preceded by a weeklong series of public events held throughout the Bay Area.
The Super Bowl City fan village, the NFL Experience and the Media Center will be hosted in San Francisco. The Super Bowl 50 will get a week long treatment on CBS involving specials and Late Night take overs.
Read the latest Super Bowl 50 News.


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