All Celebrities that Appear Super Bowl 50 Ads

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

All Celebrities that Appear Super Bowl 50 Ads
Celebrity endorsements in Super Bowl ads are controversial. Many in the industry believe that celebrities do not sell. Marketers sign each year more celebrities to appear in their Super Bowl commercials.
There is a lot of prestige to have an A-List Hollywood actor appear in commercial selling your product. This is likely one of the reasons that brands continue to hire celebrities for Super Bowl ads.
The Super Bowl 50 is in less than three weeks and Super Bowl advertisers start to reveal details and teasers. We are tracking all announced Super Bowl 50 Ads and here we keep tabs on the celebrities appearing in Super Bow 50 ads.

The biggest names so far include Liam Neeson, Christopher Walken, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan. The Mini Super Bowl 50 Ad has the most celebrities confirmed so far. The Mini commercial will feature six celebrities. Find the complete list of celebrities and in which Super Bowl 50 commercial they appear in below.

The Celebrities in Super Bowl 50 Ads

Liam Neeson - LG Super Bowl 50 Ad
Christopher Walken - Kia Super Bowl 50 Ad
Amy Schumer - Bud Light Super Bowl 50 Ad
Seth Rogan - Bud Light Super Bowl 50 Ad
Ronda Rousey - Bud Light Super Bowl 50 Ad
T.J. Miller - Shock Top Super Bowl 50 Ad
Steven Tyler - Skittles Super Bowl 50 Ad
Serena Williams - Mini Super Bowl 50 Ad
Abby WambachMini Super Bowl 50 Ad
Harvey KeitelMini Super Bowl 50 Ad
Randy JohnsonMini Super Bowl 50 Ad
Tony HawkMini Super Bowl 50 Ad
T-PainMini Super Bowl 50 Ad
Scott Baio - Avocado from Mexico Super Bowl 50 Ad
Key & Peele - SquareSpace Super  Bowl 50 Ad
(Last updated: 01/26/2016)
Super Bowl 50 will take place on February 7, 2016, in Santa Clara, at the Levi's Stadium. The stadium is the home of the home of the San Francisco 49ers. Super Bowl 50 will be topping all previous Super Bowl's because of the anniversary. Marketers are flocking to Super Bowl 50 and it will be a huge TV event. Read our Super Bowl 50 Facts to learn everything important about Super Bowl 50.
Find out which Super Bowl 50 Ads will be airing during the Big Game in 2016.
The Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show will be performed by Coldplay. The British band is featuring Beyonce as special guest.
CBS is broadcasting the Super Bowl 50. The Super Bowl 2016 game will be preceded by a weeklong series of public events held throughout the Bay Area. The Super Bowl City fan village, the NFL Experience and the Media Center will be hosted in San Francisco.
The Super Bowl 50 will get a week long treatment on CBS involving specials and Late Night take overs. The Super Bowl 50 Kickoff Time is at 6:30pm ET. Read the latest Super Bowl 50 News.


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