Newcastle Brown Ale Band of Brands Super Bowl Campaign

Monday, January 12, 2015

Last week Newcastle Brown Ale released a spoof of a Doritos Super Bowl Ad that featured Newcastle Brown Ale beer instead of the chips. This was just an unrelated tease for what Newcastle has planned for their Super Bowl 2015 Ad attack.

Today Newcastle Brown Ale launched a call to action video featuring comedian Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) to announce the Newcastle's Band of Brands Super Bowl campaign. Newcastle Band of Brand calls other brands to come together and contribute to afford a Super Bowl Ad.

Heineken owned Newcastle could afford to run a Super Bowl Ad, but they cannot because Anheuser-Busch has the exclusivity on beer Super Bowl ads. Newcastle is getting creative again trying to steal Super Bowl ad buzz like last year. The whole campaign and the Anna Kendrick Video went viral.

Watch below Aubrey Plaza in the hilarious video launching the Newcastle Band of Brands campaign.

It is not clear how serious Newcastle is about really including other brands in a Newcastle Super Bowl Ad. The sign-up for brands on the Newcastle Band of Brands site reads like a joke. Even the email address is funny: There will be more videos coming. Newcastle will be brand to watch during Super Bowl 2015 ad season.


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