Lexus Super Bowl 2015 Ad Released

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Lexus Super Bowl 2015 Ad has been released. It is the first Superbowl ad that has been
released this year.

The Lexus Super Bowl 2015 Ad is featuring the new Lexus NX Crossover. The Lexus NX is a stylish car with neat extras that blends high-end design with utility. The Lexus Super Bowl 2015 commercial is scheduled to air during the first half of the Big Game.

According to Variety the 30-second is made by Walton Isaacson. The agency has Magic Johnson as one of its founders. It is the first Super Bowl ad for the agency. Lexus has decided to already release the Lexus Super Bowl 2015 ad. The music video style ad features a sound track made with sounds from the Lexus NX. It is stylish and focuses entirely on the car.

The Lexus Super Bowl 2015 ad will stand out for its minimalism.

The ad has nothing a typical Super Bowl ad has. It will be likely found at the bottom of the Super Bowl ad rankings.

There is nothing to talk about in the Lexus Super Bowl ad besides the car. This was the aim of the agency apparently, but Lexus is taking a huge risk with this decision. The Lexus ad might just get buried by the loud, funny and star studded Superbowl ads.

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