Carnival Cruise Super Bowl Ad

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Carnival is the world's biggest cruise line. The Carnival Super Bowl 2015 Ad will be the first
Super Bowl commercial for the cruise line.

The company plans to market all of its 9 brands in the 60 second Super Bowl 2015 ad.

Carnival has put up already four potential Carnival Super Bowl commercials up for public vote on their site.

One of the videos is though still a mystery. The other three Carnival Super Bowl ad concepts include Message in a Bottle, Getaway and Cruise Virgin. The Message in a Bottle ad is an emotional look at scenes on a cruise. I don't think this is great for Super Bowl. It is not loud enough to be rememberable.

The Getaway ad is about a wild chase to escape to a cruise from daily life. This commercial could work in the Super Bowl.

The best chances has though the Cruise Virgin ad. It is funny and sexy. The dialogs have predictable double meaning, but this is ideal for Super Bowl.

All four semi-finalist concepts are now in full production under the artful direction of BBDO Atlanta and Pfister, who will use their wealth of storytelling experience to bring these four creative concepts to life and help capture the essence of cruising.

Pfister's extensive experience spans decades of filmmaking in Hollywood, including directing Transcendence starring Johnny Depp earlier this year and serving as director of photography on dozens of films, including Moneyball, The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception, which earned him an Oscar in 2011.

You can vote for and watch the videos on this Carnival site. There is a big incentive to vote. You can win a cruise every year for life.

Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation, says "There is no bigger stage than the Big Game for telling our story to the masses, and we’re excited about the opportunity to start a new dialogue with consumers about cruising and involve the public in helping us pick the creative concepts."

Super Bowl Ads for Geeks reports about the Super Bowl 2015 Ads.


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