Tim Tebow Touts T-Mobile

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Time Tebow explores the freedom of not yet been drafted to any National Football League (NFL) team with T-Mobile’s Super Bowl advertisement.

The former New York Jets quarterback is going to be in the big game after all, only not on the gridiron.  
T-Mobile’s ad spots in the big game cheekily portray the make believe struggle of Tebow as he looks for work while being a free agent.

Since 2012, the famous athlete hasn’t played for any regular season game. For this year’s big game, he was drafted by a peculiar team, T-Mobile. But instead of playing as a quarterback, he plays the roles of a rodeo cowboy, car chase action star, obstetrician and yes, a rock star!

He portrayed these roles right after he said everything is well despite not having a contract.

In the ads he also justified how being a free agent allows him to do all the worthwhile things in life. He explains his freedom by rescuing puppies as a fireman from a burning building. It seems like another commercial will be added to the rosters of Super Bowl cads with puppies this year. He also tackles a Big-foot or Yeti looking creature in the ad to prove his point. Finally, he played football on the moon. He even flew off from the ground like Sandra Bullock in “Gravity.”

The two advertisements were produced by Butler, Shine, Stern, and Partners, while the third spot will be produced by the company’s longtime ad agency Publicis.

T-Mobile in the Super Bowl ad stage

Finally, Tebow says on the ad that contracts only hold you back. This was seconded by an anonymous voice, which definitely came from T-Mobile saying that they can buy you out of your contract.

This is not the first time for Heisman Trophy winner Tebow to reach Super Bowl; however, it is the first time that T-Mobile reached the big game, which will be on Feb 2 at the MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey.

It will have three 30-second ads during the big game on Sunday. Tebow will be on two of these advertisements. That would be $12 million for T-Mobile, with Fox’s $4 million per 30-second ad.

The Super Bowl ad is the year ender promotion of T-Mobiles aggressive marketing which resulted in a significant growth in the brands subscribers. The company’s growth coincides with the losses of subscribers from their rival telecommunications network providers.

T-Mobile’s advertisements will promote its new offer to pay for the costs of breaking a contract with the network provider that anyone is currently with if they switch to T-Mobile. The new promo will pay up to $650 per contract of anyone who breaks away from their current provider.

T-Mobile senior vice president of brand communication Peter DeLuca said they want their no contract message to reach all the audiences that the Super Bowl platform can cover.

Tebow’s new ad differs from past commercials

The devout Christian professional football player has been in the Super bowl ad stage before. The previous ad in 2010 with his mom is in a totally different place though. He appeared in a Super Bowl ad in 2010 with his mom by Focus on the Family, which is a pro-life organization.

The ad he made with his mother in 2010 was an anti-abortion commercial from the Focus on the Family Organization. .

Tim Tebow was the first ever sophomore to win the Heisman trophy. He was also the first college player to rush and pass for 20 touchdowns in just one season. For three years, he also led the Florida Gators to the national championship. Tim Tebow stands 6 feet 3 inches, weights 245 pounds, and is one of the best college football players in history. This is all thanks to his mother’s decision over 20 years ago, which was to not get an abortion.

That was the main message of the 2010 Super Bowl ad by the conservative Christian group called Focus. The commercial revolves around Bob and Pam Tebow. When Pam was pregnant with their fifth child they travelled for a missionary trip to the Philippines. While in that country, Pam suffered a medical condition on which the medicines could harm the fetus in her womb. The Doctors suggested an abortion, but she ignored their advice and Tim Tebow was born on August 14 1987.

That decision made Tim Tebow decide to be on the Focus on the Family Ad. This ad stirred a mild uproar as CBS decided to air it on 2010’s Super Bowl.

Now, Tebow’s ad with T-Mobile’s Uncarrier ad is a totally different type of commercial compared to the 2010 Super Bowl ad with his mother. Ryan Lewis and Macklemore can now move over.  

T-Mobile’s Contract Freedom

According to T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer Mike Sievert, they saw an overwhelming response during the launch of their Contract Freedom that they want to showcase this promo to a much bigger stage.

This Super Bowl ad is less combative. They do not take shots at other rival telecommunications companies with this commercial. In the past, this brand took harsh shots against rivals. One example is the fake AT&T mobility chief Ralph de la Vega press release. T-Mobile, especially its CEO John Legere is notorious for announcing rival’s names, which is considered as a bad strategy, but it always works for their benefit.

Another ridiculous stunt that T-Mobile did was when Legere crashed one of AT&T’s party and being kicked out over and over again. The CEO said he only wanted to see Ryan Lewis and Macklemore perform.

Just a week after that incident, unsurprisingly, T-Mobile held a Macklemore concert just a few blocks away from one of AT&T’s Los Angeles office.

However, for the telecommunications company’s first Super Bowl ad, they opt not to take shots against their rivals. Maybe they figured they didn’t want what happened to SodaStream to happen to them. Or maybe, Tebow’s values being a Christian is a big influence for T-Mobile’s less combative commercial.


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