Super Bowl 2014 ads: Funny Doberhuahua Super Bowl 2014 ad from Audi

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Audi has done it again and they are all set to air their funny Doberhuahua Super Bowl 2014 ad in the middle of the game. Audi and Super Bowl always had a close relation and Audi, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, doesn’t leave any opportunity to promote their cars at this event. This year also not an exception to this and we will be watching the funny ad from Audi where they will be promoting their new cars which are designed with no compromise.

Super Bowls have always been one of the top choices for the car manufacturers to promote their brand or cars. Since the majority of the Super Bowl fans are car fanatics, this is the best opportunity for car manufacturers. However, this Super Bowl 2014 will be really special this time. This is the first outdoor Super Bowl and it will be held in the cold weather. It is also expected that it will have biggest audience who watch this game on Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford of New Jersey. This game will begin on February 2, 2014 and Seahawks and Broncos will compete against each other. As the event is really big, the organizers have hiked their prices and now they are charging a whopping $4 million for a 30 second ad. But this isn’t going to stop Audi to promote their brand. This time they have come with their funny Doberhuahua ad that will surely make every laughing out loud. Audi has today already released the full 60 second Super Bowl 2014 ad online. The Audi Doberhuahua commercial gives us a look at what would happen if there would be a Doberman and Chihuahua breed. The world would not be saving to live in.

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Our experts at I4U have recently found the ad and they were also very excited to see this ad. In this ad, we see a couple adopting a puppy. But the couple couldn’t make their decision between a Doberman and a Chihuahua. While the man was looking for a Doberman, the lady was interested in a Chihuahua. So the person in the shop recommends them to breed those two dogs together and come up with a new Breed of Doberhuahua. This particular dog has the body of Chihuahua and the head of a Doberman which looks really awkward. Above that this particular dog with its particular shapes creates havoc in the society. The havoc goes to much wild that the people in the society had a tough time to cope with it. The 60 second spot marks the seventh consecutive Super Bowl ad for Audi. The Audi Super Bowl 2014 Ad will air in the first in-game break after the 3rd quarter kick-off, in the final position of the advertising break.

We are sure that the audience will also love this ad. So keep waiting and keep coming back for more at I4U as we have many more Super Bowl 2014 ads or commercial lined up for you.


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