Super Bowl 2014 ads: First Super Bowl 2014 ad from Microsoft

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl has always been the top priority for the businesses to come up with their ads, air it before the biggest audience as well as bond with as many people as possible. The Super Bowl 2014 is without any doubt, the Super Bowl for this. This exclusive game will take place in New Jersey on February 2, 2014 in the Metlife stadium in East Rutherford.

It will be the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl, where the Broncos will take on the Seahawks. According to marketing gurus, this would be the biggest opportunity to air any ad as the audience for this game will be more than 13 million. Probably this is the reason why Microsoft has come forward with their first ever Super Bowl ad for this time. Where there are numerous other ads from the competitors, the Microsoft Super Bowl 2014 ad has grabbed our attention for its noble reason where is has linked with players as well as people in need.

According to the people at I4U, This specific Microsoft Super Bowl 2014 Ad is going to be serious spot featuring inspiring stories like the one of former NFL player Steve Gleason who suffers from ALS. He uses a Surface tablet and eye-tracking system to communicate. Microsoft has already released several videos featuring inspiring stories like Gleason's. There are also even more stories where the creators are showing how Microsoft has helped the people suffering from such kind of disabilities or medical problems. According to AdAge, the final Microsoft Super Bowl 2014 ad will be 60 seconds long and a compilation of these and possibly more stories.

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While others are trying different theme such as action, funny or even musical, Microsoft has certainly gone to another way. We are not sure about which stories they will bring in their Super Bowl 2014 ad, but we are certain that they surely make an impact on the feeling of the people. Bonding with the people through an emotional message will certainly have a bigger impact and everyone related to the Microsoft 2014 ad is really hopeful about this.

All the people at I4U were also touched to see a few of the storylines which would be used in the 60 seconds Microsoft Super Bowl 2014 ad. However, we believe that the storyline of NFL player Steve Gleason would be the best one as the game players and the game would click with him right at once.  Another thing that we really like about the concept of Microsoft as is that even though they are promoting their products, they are not overwhelming the characters and the stories in the ad. This is indeed a great way to bond with the audience and also highlight the power of their product as well the possibilities with their innovation.  Since it will cost Microsoft a total of $8 million and additional to air their 60 seconds, they should be really careful about picking up the storyline. Such as this, there are many more new Super Bowl 2014 ads are popping up now and we will bring you a first look of each of those.


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