Super Bowl 2014 ads: Beats Music App Super Bowl 2014 ad reveled by Ellen DeGeneres

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl 2014 is probably one of the biggest gaming events of the year and it has already driven the business go crazy. This time the cost to air a Super Bowl ad will cost the businesses around $4 million for 30 seconds. This is without any doubt one of the biggest rate for an ad. But this isn’t stopping the businesses and they are all lined up with their Super Bowl 2014 ads. There are a wide variety of ads which are prepared for this exclusive event which range from funny to serious, technical to simple. However, among all the Super Bowl 2014 ads, we have found the Best Music App Super Bowl 2014 ad as most interesting.

The Best Super Bowl 2014 ad, alike other ads from different brands, also includes a star. The name of star on this ad Ellen DeGeneres who is really popular with her Ellen DeGeneres show. She used the same show to promote the ad. Although it was a little bit early and she wasn’t supposed to show this ad. She took the occasion of her birthday and decided to show everyone what this ad was all about. In our I4U site, we also included some parts of her show where you will see that Allen is discussing about the app as well as the ad.

Click here to know more about the Beat Music App Super Bowl 2014 ad

The Beat Music App is a creatively designed app for music lovers. It allows you to create amazing playlists and lets you enjoy music for hours after hours. You pick a song in this and this doesn’t bring in irrelevant additional songs for you. Rather, it uses playlists created by real people and you can get this app for your entire family on a monthly plan which will cost you around $15. According to the spokes persons from Beats, the Beats Music is the streaming service from Beats which is the most famous headphone maker and this app will compete directly with Spotify. If you didn’t know, the new Beats Music service was launched earlier this year. Since the Super Bowl 2014 has millions of spectators both in the field and on TV, beats took the advantage of this and they came up with this funny ad. The Super Bowl ad is possibly giving Beats Music a huge subscriber burst it is actually based on a funny theme. The ad has the theme of the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears where Ellen plays as Goldilocks. She tries the Beats Music streams of all members of the family and tries to dance to it, which of course looks hilarious.

Allen was so much happy to talk about this ad that she also came up with Smartphone gifts for everyone in her audience as well. We are not sure how much exposure or attention the Beat Super Bowl 2014 ad will get the game audience. But it certainly has grabbed our attention when Allen revealed this ad to us. There are still many more Super Bowl 2014 ads popping out and we will keep you updated with them all.


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