Super Bowl 2014 ads: Angelic Super Bowl 2014 ad from Volkswagen

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Although Volkswagen kept us waiting for  a long while and didn’t mention us anything about their Super Bowl 2014 ad, we have finally seen the ad. The experts at I4U have marked it as the angelic ad from Volkswagen as it stars, lots of engineers who get angel like wings and lots of funny incidents follow after this.

This is a funny and light ad that follows the saga of Volkswagen which has always delighted their audience with their amazing storyline, funny concept, and touch of family bond as well as incredible presentation. The Volkswagen 2014 is also not an exception to this and we were really happy to see this. In addition to that, they also have a teaser ad which actually is as usual not related to the big game as well. But it is still fun to watch. In the below; we will be telling you about these two ads in more detail.

As we all knew that the Super Bowl 2014 was quite different than all previous Super Bowls, we are also expecting that the businesses will come up with something new with their Super Bowl ads for this event as well. This is the very first outdoor Super Bowl, which took place outdoors in the cold weather. The trend analysts also marked this gaming event as a special one with the highest number of spectators in the stadium as well as views on TV and internet. This is why; the broadcaster of this event made the highest rate of $4 million for 30 seconds Super Bowl ads which was also a new thing. Luckily, we weren’t disappointed by the big and small brands that came up with some amazing Super Bowl 2014 ads and the audiences were really delighted to see them as well. However, we have found the Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 ad really interesting and worth sharing with you all.

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To begin with, we will be talking about the Angelic Volkswagen 2014 ad which was aired on the big game day. This is a funny ad with delightful background music, amazing presentation and an engaging storyline. The sport is titled as “Wing”. In this ad, we see a father and daughter riding a Volkswagen Passot. Once the car hits the 1000 mile mark, the father gets really excited about this and explains that for every Volkswagen that passes one 1000 mile, a German engineer gets his wing. Although this was a childlike thinking, but it comes to reality and we see that all the engineers at Volkswagen getting their wing. Getting wings was so far a good idea, but later on, the engineers get into a number of troubles with their wings. There were lots of funny accidents in the factory which were causing the wings of the engineers and we really loved the bathroom scene where a person with small wings get an inferiority complex by another person with bigger wings. The situation gets even worse and we see a senior engineer saying that “I hate this wingy thingy”. But the story doesn’t end. Right back in the Volkswagen car, the father and daughter are still continuing their talk and the girl mockingly replies to her father that may be after 2000 miles, the engineers might have rainbow shooting out of their behind. This was all enough for the father to imagine again and we see that is happening to German engineer as well. After all this fun thing to see, the ad end with a note that Volkswagen the highest number of cars running in the world with the highest mileage. This was indeed a smart way to make the audience laugh, grab their attention and reinforce the brand image of their car pedigree. 

The ad has already generated a huge buzz and everyone is sharing this ad on popular social networking sites as well. This is really a good thing for the company and everyone is really happy with its acceptance in the audience. Vinay Shahani, the Vice President of Marketing at Volkswagen of America, Inch do the following to say about this ad “With an unrivaled history of compelling storytelling and iconic advertising, Volkswagen gladly accepts the challenge of keeping fans smiling during the Big Game’s commercial break. We look forward to engaging more fans with another chapter of the VW brand story." The Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 ad which was the fifth Super Bowl ad in a row for this German car maker; clearly proves that they hit their mark already.

Whoever, Volkswagen had to work really hard for this success. The Volkswagen’s 2014 entry followed up a successful 2013 campaign and mini Darth Vader ad that achieved widespread attention from brand enthusiasts and ranked as the number one ad on Brand Bowl and landed within the top five Big Game ads on Hulu. So they were already facing an intense pressure to live up to their expectations. But they have won the challenge without any doubt.

In addition to the big game Volkswagen 2014 Super Bowl 2014 ad, the company has also come up with a teaser as well that also got massive attention from the audience. The past two years the Volkswagen Super Bowl teaser videos had nothing to do with the actual Big Game ad. Both teasers though went viral, especially the one from 2012 - The Bark Side. Enjoy now below the Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 ad teaser video with Carmen Electra.

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A few days back, Volkswagen released this epic teaser video for the Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 ad that was again likely having no connection to the actual Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 ad. The Volkswagen teaser video is the result of an algorithm developed by Volkswagen engineers creating the ultimate Super Bowl commercial. The packed 1 minute Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 Ad teaser is featuring Carmen Electra, babies, puppies, Wang Chung and more. Volkswagen says that it is a surefire recipe for advertising success. However, the formula seemed to work well in beginning, but gradually things went out of hand and we see the scientist saying that “I don’t like this idea”. This is really funny you should watch this.

Although the game is over, we are yet to complete our study on the Super Bowl 2014 ads. There are many more new Super Bowl ads popping up as well. So keep in touch with as we bring new updates on each of them at I4U.


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