Anna Kendrick’s “almost-Super Bowl ad” raking more buzz

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Anna Kendrick is dominating the pre-Super Bowl buzz online with her Newcastle Brown Ale ad which is almost, but not for the big game on February 2.

The “Pitch Perfect” star hit all the right humorous notes in Newcastle’s very entertaining ad, which is all about almost making it to the big game’s ad stage.

The 28-year-old actress was talking in the behind-the-scenes of the Newcastle ad. While sitting on a makeup chair with someone curling her hair, the pretty and witty redhead started talking about about the beverage company promising her that she would star in a Super Bowl ad. But Newcastle backed out due to budget issue.

She said the company didn’t have the money and the permission to do a Super Bowl ad. What makes the commercial funnier is the bleeping of the word “Super Bowl” as well as “big game.” It was like watching an explicit rap song while the words got bleeped.

The commercial later had a twist of events where it became more interesting as the adorable starlet diverted her topic to the company deciding not to do a Super Bowl ad because she is not “beer-commercial-babe hot.”

With a serious face, she said she knows she’s hot, but only “approachable hot,” as hot as the hottest girl in your improve class. She said she is the type of hot girl to guys who doesn’t like calling women hot. She said she is not a beer-commercial-hot, but she said she is up for the challenge.

Kendrick even tweeted last Wednesday that Newcastle paid her to tweet about a Super Bowl ad they didn’t make.

In an interview with E! News, she revealed that she was able to show the super-bitchy side of herself. She said Newcastle made her do a lot of improvisation in that ad. She was even surprised that she could actually curse that much. She went a little psycho, she added.

This is a very smart strategy for Newcastle Brown Ale. They didn’t buy the $4 million per 30-second slot in the Super Bowl ad stage, but they released a campaign online about how they almost did. It gained a lot of attention, even more than the other advertisers that actually bought air time in the big game.

Kendrick’s commercial will definitely be one of the funniest ad from all the celebrities that appeared in Super Bowl ads. Newcastle’s trailer last week could also easily be the best teaser for this year’s big game.

Last week’s Newcastle trailer

British brewer company Newcastle Brown Ale thinks most of advertisement is just “bullocks.” This brand is notorious at producing irritating but straight to your face marketing strategy. This time it has set its eyes on the biggest sporting event of the year, Super Bowl XLVIII.

The fake Super Bowl ad teaser they made a week before Kendrick’s commercial was hilarious. The teaser is part of Newcastle’s “If We Made It” campaign. If they made it to the big game’s ad stage, it would have been mega huge, they said. However, the company doesn’t have the money and the permission to advertise in the big game, they weren’t even allowed to use the word S**** B***. The tackled this issue in the most outrageous way possible. That strategy seems to really work at raking more viewers, and perhaps even increasing their beer sales. Newcastle’s teaser ad last week is very straight forward and brutally honest about the expense and processes included in advertising for the big game.

Newcastle is doing a great job with their false Super Bowl campaign. Besides their ad last week, the band also made a Native ad on Gawker, which is self-mocking. They also made fake focus-group videos with Keyshawn Johnson.

Ad on Gawker

They produced their ad on Gawker to promote the Super Bowl ad that they weren’t able to make due to financial inadequacy. Gawker can’t accept money from advertisers, which means Newcaslte didn’t pay for their ads to get posted on that site. Their ad was disguised as an article on that site to shove their mega huge Super Bowl ad and beer brand down your throat. It is one of the greatest ad and strategy for this year’s Super Bowl ad stage, even though it is not included in the big game’s ad rosters.

It is something Newcastle has to do

According to Newcastle brand director Quinn Kilbury this Super Bowl ambush is something that they had to do, and that it would be unfair to the whole world if they didn’t. The brand director said the big game is great and everybody loves it. However, it is gradually turning into a marketing event and it is filled with overwhelming ridiculousness, said Newcastle’s brand director. He said he saw a lot of the ridiculous marketing stuff associated with the Super Bowl ad stage when he was still with Pepsi. Since, Newcastle is a brand that loves to poke fun; he said it would be just right to poke fun at the Super Bowl too.

He said, their “If We Made It” campaign was to hijack the conversations related to the Super Bowl. He said, they came up with a lot of ideas, but ultimately, they agreed on staying true to the marketing show in the big game, or Super [Bleep] as they call it.

One thing is for sure; their plot to hijack the Super Bowl ad conversations is working very well for their benefit. Anna Kendrick’s ad is definitely dominating the pre-game buzz. She may be complaining that she won’t get that fat paycheck should the ad make it to the big game, but she will definitely get paid still with what she pulled of with Newcastle. A lot of the Super Bowl advertisers are taking advantage of the online platforms, but no other brand did it better than Newcastle, which didn’t have to pay $4 million to become related to the Super Bowl. Droga5 produced Newcastle’s campaign; this advertising company should be commended for this maneuver.


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