Which player can lead their team to the Super Bowl?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Seahawks’ Russel Wilson

Seattle Seahawks is one of the most popular Super Bowl picks as they entered this years NFL season. They proved that to be right as they now have 13-3 record. They also had the home field advantage for the entire NFC playoffs right after their 27-9 victory against St. Louis Rams in Week 17. They also have a record of 15-1 for the last two seasons. These figures make Seahawks a formidable opponent during the postseason on the road to Super Bowl XLVIII. Though, quarterback Russel Wilson didn’t do that well in the last four games of the regular season, much hope is still pinned on him to bring the team to the Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2, 2014 at the MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Seahawks has already defeated three postseason Playoff contenders including Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and San Francisco 49ers with a combined score of 75-17 during the regular season. Wilson headed those games with five touchdowns passes and only one interception. Wilson has the potential and the skills that could lead the Seahawks to victory in the big game. In Week 16, however, they lost to Arizona Cardinals, which shows that they are mortals and that they can be defeated at home just like any other teams. Wilson’s leadership, however, can still serve the team when needed the most in the postseason, where stakes are high.

Broncos’ Peyton Manning

Denver Broncos picked Peyton Manning two years ago believing that he might bring them to a Super Bowl victory. Manning has experienced two Super Bowls, defeating Chicago Bears, while New Orleans Saints won against his team. Broncos was last years favourite, however, in the first playoff game they lost to the Baltimore Ravens, which eventually became the champions. They went for cornerbacks during free agency as they signed in Dominique Rodgers-Cromarie and Quentin Jammer. Manning was the best slot receiver in the history of NFL in Wes Welker. Manning gained complete control over the offense of the Broncos in his second year in the team. This signalled that he is ready to lead the team to Super Bowl victory. The team will have two home games during the postseason Playoff since they will have a first round bye as well as home-field advantage. This team is most likely to play against Kansas City Chief during the playoff game. They defeated the Chiefs during the regular season 2-0. Manning made six touchdowns in those games, which should make him feel confident, but not complacent, for the third match up. If they face Indianapolis Colts during the Playoff, they can be confident since it is a home game and Reggie Wayne will not be playing. This is despite they lost against the Colts 39-33. Manning has been playing the best football in his entire career. The favourable match ups will be a big advantage that will allow him to bring the Broncos to the Super Bowl XLVIII.

49er’s Colin Kaepernick

In 2013, San Francisco 49ers looked like a team that could win it all. However, they suffered a harsh defeat against the Baltimore Ravens in the last Super Bowl. Now, Colin Kaepernick will lead the team back in the Playoffs yet again. But the question is, can Kaepernick lead the team straight to Super Bowl XLVIII victory? His season was filled with ups and downs.  In Week 1, he started strong taking on the Green Bay Packers. That game made fans and other teams think that 49ers was the most dangerous team in the season. But when Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree got injured, the other teams took advantage of that vulnerability. Without those players, Kaepernick was forced to make plays by himself, which lead to terrible turnovers and passes. Ironically, this all happened while Kansas City Chiefs was being led by its quarterback Alex Smith, the former quarterback of the 49ers. Smith led the Chiefs to having one of the best records in NFL history. Kaepernick was able to bring his team back to a 6-0 record, which almost made his team get a first-round bye in the Playoffs for the second consecutive time. So, can Kaepernick bring his team to Super Bowl victory? The answer could be a big “yes.” He was able to pull it off last season where he only stared during  the half of  the regular season. Just one completion and he would have given the 49ers another Super Bowl championship for the sixth time.

Panthers’ Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers is very notable for their impressive win against the New Orleans Saints during last year’s NFL Playoffs. They also got the Number 2 seed after defeating the Atlanta Falcons in Week 17. Now, the question is, will they reach the Super Bowl XLVIII? The answer to that question lies on the shoulders of Cam Newton. Newton looks like a normal professional NFL quarterback, based on his stats. But if you look in a different perspective, you can see that he was able to lead quarterbacks to through amazing rushing yards as well as rushing touchdowns. Human as he is, he also makes some bad decisions, but he knows when to push his team and lead them to victory when it matters the most. Even if Newton plays his best, Panthers is not as elite as the Seahawks of Broncos, but they have a big chance to win the Super Bowl none the less. Besides Newton, the team has a great line up that could work together to grab the Super Bowl Championship. So, the question is whether or not Newton can lead his team straight to the Super Bowl XLVIII. He probably won’t be able to pull it off. He is not a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning after all. But anything can happen in the gridiron. He can’t carry the team for the entire four quarters, but he can execute the perfect plays when necessary. Newton might not be able to bring Panthers to the Super Bowl, but there is a big chance that Panthers can get to the Super Bowl together with Cam Newton.


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