Top ten most watched Super Bowl XLVIII ads on YouTube

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Bowl is drawing nearer and advertisement fans just can’t wait to see their favourite brands’ ads during the big day. Advertisers feel the same excitement. A lot of the advertisers have released their ads online a week or weeks earlier than the game. Fans of the game, the ads, and the brands flock to the online media platforms to see these commercials. The best platform the fans can go to and see the videos is, of course, YouTube.

Fans want to know the odds between Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks for the big game. On the other hand, it would be great to know which advertisements are leading the pack as the most viewed in online social media sites.

Advertisers paid $4 million for every 30-second slot in the Super Bowl XLVIII, and they want to make sure that it will be worth every penny. Advertisers can’t wait for the big game, they want to create buzz early. They are not mum about their ads anymore. They release trailers and advertisements early to gain as many viewers and patrons possible.

According to YouTube director of media solutions Suzie Reider, this early buzz brands want to create via the cyber space turned their company into the main destination for ad placement. He said conversations about the Super Bowl commercials start early every year, which makes the earlier weeks before the big game the most important for most these brands. According to Reider, Super Bowl  XLVII ads got over 80 million views on YouTube before the big game started last year. He said that if these brands want to get that much buzz for their ads, they should come up with a digital strategy to be part of the conversations weeks before the game and weeks after it. The digital space has become the first stop of these brands, Reider said.

Here are the top viewed teasers and commercials from the Super Bowl XLVIII ads on YouTube as of January 27:

Crash the Super Bowl 2014 Finalist Announcement.

The announcement of Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl Finalists comes in at the number ten spot of this list with 1.3 million views. This statistic shows that a lot of people are excited for this competition, which will be open to international entries for the first time. This means fans are excited to vote for their favorite Crash the Super Bowl finalist, especially that the winner will have a chance to work with the production of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and win $1 million cash prize.


Coming in at number 9 is Bud Light’s new campaign, “The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens” with Don Cheadle and a Llama gained 1.3 million views in YouTube. Yes, Don, we get it too, “Dalai Llama.” Bud Light is said to have 2 minutes and 30 seconds worth of ad slots for this year’s Super Bowl.

Music Vision

Beats’ “Music Vision” teaser is at number 8 with 1.3 million views. According to Beats chief creative officer Nine Inch Nails Singer Trent Reznor, This ad is a part of an elegant and fun solution to integrate technology and the emotion of music. Popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is expected to announce on her show this Thursday that she will star the full commercial of the Beats Music Vision.

There Since the First Halftime

Coming in at number seven is Pepsi’s “there Since the First Halftime” ad with 1.3 million views. For fans who want to see how the Halftime was made, this is the ad to watch. Pepsi’s cute theory about the first halftime involves players being distracted by pretty girls whose car got busted in the middle of their game. With the desire to drink Pepsi and listen to Bruno Mars music, they came up with the idea of having a halftime break. Speaking of Bruno Mars, Pepsi will sponsor the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Bruno Mars as the main performer.

German Engineers Create the Ultimate Gameday Commercial

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ads about German engineers garnered 1.5 million views on YouTube. Volkswagen had some great success in gaining many viewers in the past big game ad stage, especially with their cute “The Force” ad with a little Darth Vader trying to use his force. That Star Wars ad was the most shared ad in the online media in last year’s big game. It’s Jamaican ad last year, however, caught some controversy, but there is no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Arnold Warmup

Besides Don Cheadle, Bud Light also featured former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in short shorts and long blond hair warming up before a ping Pong challenge. This is a part of Bud Light’s campaign, “The perfect beer for whatever happens.” Looking at this ad, “whatever” did really happen, but you have the perfect beer, Bud Light. This ad is at number five with 1.6 million views.

Arnold Zipper

Bud Lights teaser trailer featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger again zipping his jacket before a ping pong challenge is at number four with 1.9 million views. It seems like people just can’t get enough of that accent as the former California Governor said “surprise” in this ad to symbolize “whatever” in Bud Light’s campaign, “The perfect beer for whatever happens.”

Cup Therapy

Butterfinger’s funny ad gained 2 million. This seems like a simple, funny ad, but if you dissect it, “what if you were to try something different,” could be a take on Reese’s, which found a new competitor in butter-finger.

Finger Cleaner

Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl competition finalist “Finger Cleaner” is at number two with 2.7 million views. Though the winner is yet to be announced during the big game, this Australian advertising team gaining many views on YouTube could mean that they are already the winners.

Make Love Not War

Axe Peace’s ad is on the top spot with 3.3 million views. This means, babes taking off their bikinis is not the only thing that can attract fans. A better and different story line about peace, love and a simple, kiss could also go a long way.


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