The best Super Bowl 2014 Ads: Toyota will promote their new Highlander with the legendary Muppets

Thursday, January 30, 2014

With Super Bowl 2014 only a few days away, everyone is getting truly excited. This is the very first outdoor Super Bowl, which will held in the cold weather. Millions of people will gather around in the MetLife stadium in East Rutherford of New Jersey on February 2, 2014 to watch this game.

In addition, millions other will also watch this event on television as well as on the internet and other media. This is without any doubt, one of the biggest game events of the year with such a big audience. It is also the best opportunity for the businesses to promote themselves before a large audience as well. This is why; Toyota has come forward to promote their New Highlander SUB on this occasion and they will be taking help from the legendary Muppets in their Super Bowl 2014 ad. The Toyota Highlander is also known as the Kluger is a midsize crossover SUV by Toyota which is built on the platform of the Toyota Camry. This is one of the most

While the organizer is charging $4 million dollars for every 30 second to air a Super Bowl 2014 ad, Toyota is willing to write the check as they won’t get such an opportunity later on. As Super Bowl is closely linked with car fanatics, almost every single cam manufacturer is going to air their ad in the middle, beginning or at the end of this game event.  Toyota, one of the biggest car brands is also not an exception to this and they will be promoting their car in a funny way as we have come to know that it will have Muppets in it.

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Our sources at I4U have confirmed that the Toyota Super Bowl 2014 Ad will star the legendary Muppets. However, we couldn’t manage to get that much detail about it so far as Toyota is really keeping the matter “Hush Hush”. But we have seen Rowlf, one of the Muppets to appear in the back seat of the Toyota Highlander, which is a clear sign that this ad will be really funny as they still have what it takes to click with the audience. This was actually a teaser of the actual ad where can see that the Muppets have a broken car in the middle of the desert when a Highlander pulls over to help. Before the driver can realize, Muppets get into the car and we see Rowlf check the door lock. The background sound is really spooky which starts with a thrilling tone, but gradually takes up a funny tone. If you see this, you will surely feel that something funny is going to happen. If the teaser is so funny, we are sure that the whole ad will be awesome.

So keep visiting I4U as we will be posting any new updates on the Toyota Super Bowl 2014 ad as well as ads from other top brands.


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