The best Super Bowl 2014 Ads: Jaguar makes a big noise with their Jaguar F-Type Super Bowl 2014 ad

Thursday, January 30, 2014

While excitement for Super Bowl 2014 is at its extreme point, the businesses are on top of their toes to utilize this occasion. It's been almost a year since the last Super Bowl and many of the big brands have been making special preparation to come up with their new ads to promote their new products and services in Super Bowl 2014. Among those brands you will find almost all the big names including top notch car manufacturers including Jaguar as well.

The link between Super Bowl 2014 and cars has always been strong. According to independent market research, the majority of the Super Bowl fans has a crush on super cars. This is why; the car manufacturers never miss the opportunity to promote their cars on this occasion. Since Super Bowl has always been the best time to air ads for cars for maximum exposure, businesses would never leave any stone unturned to grab this opportunity. Jaguar is also not an exception to this and they are also coming up with their Super Bowl 2014 ad as well. However, there Super bowl ad is really special and the experts are saying that this as will surely stand out in the crowd for its style, theme and execution. If you didn’t know, let us tell you that the Super Bowl 2014 of Jaguar is actually an ad to promote their Jaguar F-Type car and include some popular movie celebrity as well.

As schedules, the Super Bowl 2014 will start on February 2, 2014. This is one first Super Bowls which will be held in outdoor and also in the cold weather. The spectators will watch the game in MetLife stadium in East Rutherford of New Jersey and millions more will watch this game in the internet as well as television. It is expected that the target audience of Super Bowl 2014 will surpass the record of all time, including 12 million (approx) of spectators in 2013. This is indeed a great platform to promote almost any kind of product or services since so many people will watch an ad being aired before, middle or at the end of the game.  This is why; the businesses are really excited with the event. To many marketing companies, this is indeed the biggest event of the year as well.

Marketers have always prioritized Super Bowl events and businesses never thought twice to air an expensive ad on this event. The organizers and broadcasters of Super Bowl 2014 are also getting some benefit out of it as well. This time, they are charging a whooping $4 million for a 30 second Super Bowl 2014 ad. This is without any doubt, a big amount but not enough to scare away the businesses. In fact, the big brands are now all lined with their Super Bowl 2014 ads and eagerly waiting for the game to kick off. Most of the popular platforms such as YouTube, TV, social networking sites are being bombarded with those ads.

While there is a wide variety brands and ads, the Super Bowl 2014 ad from Jaguar grabbed our attention in the first place. This particular is really special for a number of reasons. If you didn’t know, this is the very first ad from this brand that is going to be aired on the Super Bowl. This is why; Jaguar is really taking this ad very seriously and touting that it will be the most interesting of all the Super Bowl 2014 ads. Even our colleagues at I4U are eagerly waiting for this ad since Jaguar is really keeping it confidential not disclosing that much information about this ad. So far, we have come to know that this ad will feature the new hot new F-Type Coupe as a part of the British Villains campaign for the F-Type sports car. This Jaguar Super Bowl 2014 Ad is titled as "It is Good To Be Bad".

Click here to read more about Jaguar F-Type Super Bowl 2014 ad

In addition to that, we have also come to know that the Jaguar Super Bowl Ad will feature renowned British actors and this is being filmed by Academy Award-winning British film and television director Tom Hooper in London.  Alike others, Hooper is also very excited about this ad and he had the following to say in an interview "This is one of those jobs that can really be a lot of fun, so I was quite happy to oblige when Jaguar asked me to be a part of their first Super Bowl commercial." Over the weekend Jaguar also aired a teaser video for the Jaguar Super Bowl 2014 Ad revealing Ben Kingsley as one of the villains. Unfortunately, the teaser video is not revealing anything about the story of the Jaguar Super Bowl 2014 Ad. But this has created a nationwide suspense and everyone wondering will there be a hero in this ad or it will have just British Villains. Jeff Curry, Brand Vice President, Jaguar North America had the following to say in a press briefing “The Super Bowl is a perfect advertising platform for Jaguar has given our new products, fast growing sales in the U.S. and the renewed interest in British cultural icons. The campaign signals that the F-TYPE Coupe is the new British bad boy in the segment and is designed to disrupt the tradition-bound sports car market. We look forward to bringing the best of British film to the Super Bowl viewing audience with renowned actors and Academy Award-winner director Tom Hooper."

Hence, we can also say that the Jaguar Super Bowl commercial will be one of the most exciting Super Bowl 2014 ads. This is so far we know about the Super Bowl 2014 ad and we keep you updated about this as we can get some insider info on this at I4U. In addition to that, we will also bring you new updates on Other Super Bowl 2014 commercials as well. So keep in touch and get ready for some cool action both in Super Bowl 2014 games and ads.


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