The Best Super Bowl 2014 Ad and Teaser Highlights So Far

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Super Bowl 2014 takes place on February 2 and will have besides the big game (Broncos vs. Seahawks) a huge line-up of Super Bowl ads.

I4U News keeps track of all Super Bowl advertisers in our Super Bowl 2014 Ad Line-up. Read below the Super Bowl 2014 Ad and teaser highlights released so far - less than two weeks ahead of the Big Game.

Super Bowl advertisers have started to promote their expensive ads with ad teasers and we also already see full version and extended versions of Super Bowl 2014 ads online.
Advertisers are eager to create that crucial social media buzz to make their Super Bowl ads perform not just on the TV.

The highlights so far include the just released M&M's Super Bowl 2014 Ad teaser that has Yellow dancing or is it twerking? I wonder what will happen to yellow in the final M&M's Super Bowl ad.
GoDaddy has already jumped the gun and released one of their 2014 Super Bowl ads in full. The GoDaddy Super Bowl 2014 Ad titled Body Builder is embracing the new GoDaddy approach to Superbowl. Do you like it?

Volkswagen has again released a cool Super Bowl ad teaser that will have nothing to do with the actual VW Super Bowl 2014 ad. This year Volkswagen chose to be sexy and everything else that worked in the past in Superbowl ads. Watch Carmen Electra spicing up the Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 Ad Teaser.

A lot of buzz generated the Dannon Oikes Super Bowl 2014 Ad teaser that unveiled the Full House TV Show reunion.

Another favorite are the Bud Light Super Bowl 2014 Teasers staring no other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check out also the "scary" Audi Super Bowl 2014 Ad Teaser.
The Carmax Super Bowl 2014 Ad has been released in full along with a puppy version. If you like puppies you should definitely watch it. This is just the beginning. Expect many more Super Bowl 2014 Ads and teasers to be released in the next days.

Super Bowl 2014 will take place in New Jersey on February 2, 2014. The big game will be played in the Metlife stadium in East Rutherford. It will be the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl. We will again bring you full coverage of the Super Bowl Ads in our Super Bowl Hub and on Super Bowl Ads for Geeks. Check out the complete list of Super Bowl 2014 Ads.
Find all the facts and answers about Super Bowl 2014 in our Super Bowl 2014 FAQs.
Watch the Super Bowl 2013 Ads online.


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