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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Right now, the Denver Broncos are favored over the Seattle Seahawks, but the odds say that this will shift right before the Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb 2, at the MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The Broncos have the No. offense while the Seahawks is NFL’s best defense, which perhaps is a natural reason for the advantage. However, there would be a shift in advantage should there be a shift in weather. If the weather in MetLife Stadium on Feb 2 becomes extra cold, then the Seahawks might get the favour of the oddsmakers.

It would be best to look at the spread and other information courtesy of Bovada to have a peek on who will possibly bag the Lombardi Trophy.

The Broncos has -3 for the spread. Seattle has +115 for the money line while Denver has -135 with an over/under of 47.

The Broncos only have a slim edge of three points against the Seahawks for the spread. The projected 47 point total is somehow accurate with how the game will be played.

Seattle has an amazing defense line that could evenly match up against Denver’s super-power offense. The Seahawks has a deep defensive line composed of fast and big men that can topple down Bronco’s quarterback. Seahawks also has a strong linebacker and the best secondary of NFL.

For the Seahawk’s offense, running back Marshawn Lynch could be able to pull off the job, which would require quarterback Russel Wilson to improvise and play with his feet. Lynch offensive game style would work better in the predicted cold weather in MetLife on Feb 2 than Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who is already 37 years old. This is why the odds would drastically change in favour for the Seahawks should the weather for the Super Bowl XLVIII would be harshly cold. But no matter how cold the weather gets and even if the Denver Broncos couldn’t play their pass-happy strategy for the offense, the team still has a lot of cards to play and weapons to use to get the game going and put points on the scoreboard.

Herculean defensive tackle Terrance Knightgon may be a formidable player for Seattle to handle, but their All-Pro center Max Unger could take on this force.

According to Denver linebacker Danny Tevathan, they have to be well prepared for this adversary, since it is a powerhouse that can get going anytime with their live defensive and offensive.

If the Seahawks lead the scoreboard, Manning will be forced to throw, which will just open up plays for Demaryius Thomas, Julois Thomas, Wes Welker and Eric Decker, all of which are excellent pass-catchers. That kind of scenario is most likely to happen for this Super Bowl as Manning hinted during their 26-16 win against the New England Patriots during the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship.

Manning said the Patriots has a physical secondary, which makes it tough to take immediate routes by running all straight down the field. That is something that the Broncos learned the first time they went against the Patriots, which can do a great job taking away the contending team’s key receiver.

Manning said, Broncos spread the ball around very well for the entire season, making it hard to figure out who to key on. In any play, the ball could get to any of the five guys, which will definitely pressure the defense of any team.

Why the Seahawks will win

Broncos may have defeated the Patriots, but, for the Super Bowl XLVIII, the team won’t be facing the Patriots. Their offense can easily be pressured as they stretch the field vertically because of Seahawks’ All-Pro safeties including Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. Both of these guys have exceptional range and athleticism, which can be a great challenge for Peyton Manning.

For the Super Bowl XLVIII, fans should expect to see Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn uses his multiple-front schemes mix with two-deep coverage looks and unique pressures. For this game, in the front seven, Seattle’s main advantage is their speed.

These facts points out that Seahawks may establish the run early in the game, as they shift routes to counter Manning’s short passes and gain a lead, while “The Sheriff” might work some magic to make the finish more interesting.

It is not yet safe to say, but it can be predicted that the defense will lead the Seattle Seahawks to its first championship in NFL history for the Super Bowl XLVIII, while Manning won’t be able to pull off his signature moves due to the contending team’s defense and the harsh cold weather.

Why the Broncos will win

To defeat another uncontrollable adversary, the weather, a Broncos practiced Thursday under temperature colder than what is expected in the MetLife Stadium on Feb 2. Reports came in that the team practiced in temperatures as low as 9 degrees. Last Thursday is Denver’s first practice for the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. Knowshon Moreno and Tony Carter are back practicing with their team. That is a good sign, but the weather is a bigger issue for the Broncos. The team has been practicing in the cold, while it is not that cold in Seattle.

Some of the Denver Broncos players have experienced Super Bowl before including Peyton Manning, John Fox and more. Seahawks on the other hand, have no player who made it to the big game before. This is also the seventh time that Broncos will be playing in the big game. Yes, it has been 15 years since their last Super Bowl berth, but it would only mean they are hungry for the win.

Knowshon Moreno made 1,000 yards rushing and more than 500 yards receiving in his breakout season in 2013. He even rushed 224 yards during Denver’s coldest game against the Patriots in week 12. They also had another cold game against Tennessee Titans in week 14, and Moreno performed very well.

Besodes having a great offense, Denver’s defense is also formidable with Terrence Knighton, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Danny Trevathan, and Champ Bailey.


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