Super Bowl Ads opt pregame show over mum strategy

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Bowl advertisers are usually lip locked about their commercials to ad up to the hype for the Super Bowl broadcast, but not this year.

For decades advertisers have been silent about their commercials until the big game, but now, they are not so much into surprising the fans anymore. A lot of advertisers are broadcasting their ads, teasers and previews in social media sites, especially YouTube, Facebook, and Tweeter.

The YouTube Ad Blitz channel is one of the most popular platforms where advertisers can show clips dedicated to promoting the Super Bowl ads. This year, for the first time, Google is adding a gallery of teaser videos for that platform. Some of the advertisers that showcase their teasers and commercials in the YouTube Ad Blitz include Butterfinger, Intuit, Doritos, Squarespace and Pepsi, which is showing teaser clips about the halftime show with Bruno Mars that they sponsored.

Axe, SodaStream and Jaguar are also advertisers for the big game that has broadcasted teaser trailers of their commercial on social media platforms. There have been discussions among the executives of these brands about appearing on the YouTube Ad Blitz.

According to Google’s vice president for brand solutions Lucas Watson, the ads during the big game used to be a one day event that people will be talking about after the game, but now, it has turned into a  month – long experience.

Watson said, this resulted to more advertisers trying to win the conversation even before the game. Of course, they want to people talking about their ads during and after the big game too.

Here is a little statistical comparison between last year’s game and this year’s Super Bowl XLVIII. Ads garnered more than 80 million hits in YouTube even before the big game was played last year. That number is almost 1/3rd of the big game’s spots on YouTube that year, which reaches over 265 million views.

According to Watson, commercials that were uploaded to YouTube before the game last year were viewed 3.4 times more than the commercials that were broadcasted during game day.

According to a survey released by marketing technology company Unruly, there is a trend leading YouTube to provide one-stop viewing for the teasers of the Super Bowl commercials. According to the survey among the 20 ads during the last year’s Super Bowl, seven of them were the most shared in social media sites thanks to advance teaser clips broadcasted online.

The survey also found out that 60 percent of the most shared Super Bowl ads of all time were introduced even before they were broadcasted during game day.

YouTube won’t be asking the viewers to vote for their favourite ads this year though, even if they will broadcast pregame teaser commercials in Ad Blitz. This is another change, since YouTube conducts votes each year for the fans’ favourites among all the ads for the big game.

Hulu will also be featured in the YouTube Ad Blitz with the 2014 version of the Hulu AdZone, its annual Super Bowl program where people can vote for their favourite ad during the big game.


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