Super Bowl ad teasers explained

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Besides predictions on which team between Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will win the Lombardi Trophy and news about the weather, Super Bowl ad teasers are also flooding the internet just to ease the anticipations.

Super Bowl advertisement used to surprise fans during the big game with heart warming stories, humourous content, and sexy suggestive plots. But now, the big game’s ad stage has become a week long, or even month long, event with all the teasers and leaks being disclosed in different social media platforms, especially YouTube.

These brands want to create a pre-game buzz to get online conversations going and make the fans want to tune in to their ads during the Super Bowl.

Though, there will be more to expect as the big game on Feb 2 fast approaches, it would be great to see these teaers and ads shown online in advance. What else is best to do but to dissect and break down the commercials and teasers that some brands have released online?

If you are reading this, spoilers probably don’t matter to you. And yes, this article definitely contains a lot of spoilers, just to warn you.

The perfect beer for whatever happens

Bud Light, Vice President Rob McCarthy disclosed the new Bud Light tagline, which is, “The perfect beer for whatever happens.”

“Surprise!” “Whatever” did happen, as Arnold Schwarzenegger said that line with his iconic accent right before he performed some awkward looking warm up for a ping pong game while wearing short-shorts and long blond hair. Don Cheadle will also be seen in one of the ads of the brand, which will all run for three and a half minutes.

Anheuser-Busch is always present in Super Bowl ad stage, and fans can always count on that. According to McCarthy the tagline is based on the brand’s new position that reflects the millennial values, such as optimism and open mindedness to experience the world.

Thirsty for some Scarlett Johansson?

SodaStream uses “Her” as their global ad ambassador. Who wouldn’t want to take a sip of what Scarlett Johansson has to offer? Taking in Johansson is a great strategy for the brand. In some of the behind-the-scenes and teaser trailers of the ad on YouTube, Johansson said, she has been using SodaStream for three years.

According to SodaStream CEO Daniel Nirnbaum, their brand did a fourth quarter advertisement to have the final words right after their major competitors, Pepsi and Coke.

Butterfinger takes on Reese

For This year’s Super Bowl ad platform, reese wont be the only peanut-butter cup that will be promoting it’s brand. Butterfinger will introduce their new Peanut-Butter Cups from Hershey to the fans of the big game and to their patrons on Feb 2.

Butterfinger will be taking on Reese, which used to be the only peanut-butter cup brand in the ad stage. After all, there are no laws that prohibits companies outside of Reese to make their own peanut-butter cup.

Butterfinger’s peanut butter cup ad teaser shows a couple undergoing a relationship therapy. At first, they are sceptical to change, but the psychologist or the therapist was able to convince them otherwise into believing that “change is good.” And that is the major message of Butterfinger, “change,” subliminally taking on Reese’s peanut-butter cup, which people has been used to for a long time.

The only change that the fans won't be so pleased about is Butterfinger’s mascot change, which used to be Bart Simpson.

Will Full House members get their own places

Greek yogurt Dannon Oikos will feature one of the biggest show in the 1990s, Full House, with Uncle Jesse .
Oikos released an ad teaser online where Bob Saget asked the question that every fan has been wanting to ask themselves for a very long time.

Saget asked, “don’t you think it’s time we all get our own places?”

Choose Doritos winner wisely

Doritos’ ad competition, Crash the Super Bowl, will give its winner not just a million dollar in cash prize and a chance to be shown in the Super Bowl ad stage, the winners will also be able to work for the production of Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. So, make sure you vote wisely, because you definitely don’t want The Avengers franchise to have some flaws due to production mistakes.

Doritos will have two ads during the big game. One is created by the company, the other one is from the winner of the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. According to reports, the leading advertisers are coming from Australia.

World peace over bikinis

Axe’s ad is one of the most anticipated commercial during the Super Bowl because of the sexy super model being magnetized by young men. However, for this year’s big game, the brand shows a different side with its new Axe Peace. A montage of World War II scenes, Vietnam war depiction, Middle Eastern dictator, and Kim Jong Un-looking character turns into a message of love through one strong act; a kiss.

Newcastle has the best teaser, but backed out

Hadn’t it backed off, perhaps one of the best Super Bowl ad teasers come from Newcastle. According to the company, they backed out of advertising in the big game because their ad was too silly and expensive. The brand’s ad has friendship themes, battle apes, a skateboarding cat played by Keyshawn Johnson, and girls destroying a robot with their dance steps.

More teasers to watch

Besides the brands and teasers mentioned above, there are more advance ads released online that are definitely worth watching. Most of these ads can be seen on YouTube. Here are some of the teasers and ads that you should see:

  • The yellow twerking M&M
  • Bud Light’s “The Game” type prank
  • Toyota Highlanders The Muppets with Terry Crews
  • Heartwarming teasers from Pepsi
  • Jaguar’s villains with Ben Kingsley
  • Small Business from Intuit
  • Wonderful Pistachios ad teaser with Stephen Colbert
  • Volkswagen’s “Algorithm” ad
  • GoDaddy’s Danica Patrick wearing a muscle suit
  • Audi’s public service announcement with Sara Mclachlan


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