Super Bowl 2014 Ads: the simple Chobani Super Bowl 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

Super Bowl 2014 is only a few days from now and the businesses have already lined up all of their Super Bowl 2014 ads for circulation. The Super Bowl 2014 mania has already grabbed the game fanatics as well as the businesses who have aimed for this prestigious game event as well.

The mania is so huge that the businesses wouldn’t event mind paying $4 million for a 30 second Super Bowl 2014 ad as well. Such a demand for this ad is truly clear indicator that this is not a child’s play. This is why; big brands from different sector have come up with big plans this time. While some businesses have plans to promote their products, others are trying to introduce a new concept or event trying to make a stronger bond with their client base as well. All the top brands of automobile, electronics, fashion, technology, food and beverages have come up with their new Super Bowl 2014 ads and at I4U, we are keeping a close eye on each of the noteworthy ads we can find.

While we have found a number of Super Bowl 2014 ads really interesting, one particular ad of Chobani grabbed our attention with its unique features. If you didn’t know, the Chobani Super Bowl 2014 Ad will be the first for this Greek Yogurt brand. But they are not the only one promoting Greek yogurt on this occasion as well. Chobani will go head to head with Dannon's Oikes Greek yogurt brand, which is also back in the Super Bowl 2014 Ad line-up. Oikes has brought Greek Yogurt to the Big Game for the first time in 2012. This is why; the Chobani Super Bowl 2014 ad has been made with a simple approach and an enlightening theme. Besides showing you gorgeous model or sceneries, they have focused on the history of Chobani itself. Chobani will be promoting its 100-calorie product line in their first Super Bowl ad. There are no details yet on the content and angle of the Chobani Super Bowl 2014 Ad. In addition, they will be also prompting their brand and why they are in this business. Once of their ads shows that a person is talking about their yogurt and also what you can do with them as well. This is not a truly amazing ad, but you won’t be disappointed to see the ad as well.

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Many critics are saying that this too simple for an event like Super Bowl 2014. Some people are also saying that this simple ad might even get lost in the crowd, striking Super Bowl 2014 Commercials and people might not even notice this as well. But our experts at I4U say that the Chobani ad will stand out for its simplicity only. There is certainly a good reason why this company willing to pay such a high price to air their advertisement in the middle Super Bowl 2014.


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