Super Bowl 2014 Ads: Innovative H& M Super Bowl 2014 Ad

Monday, January 27, 2014

With Super Bowl 2014 in the Background, H&M has come up with a massive campaign to promote their brand. Their campaign strategy includes celebrities, new technologies as well as new product lines. While many other companies are also targeting Super Bowl 2014 and lining up their Super Bowl 2014 ads to be aired.

However, H&M will surely stand out in the crowd with their new approach that no one else thought of. They have started to campaign and tweeting about their Super Bowl 2014 ads and star line Jenifer Anniston are now offering her new dress that the people will be able to buy right at the time when they will be watching the ad.  In spite of only spending millions of dollars for the ad, they have also concentrated on their products and service which will surely bring great result for them as well.  

While we have found a number of really interesting, one particular ad of H&M grabbed our attention with its unique features. As you know, H&M is one of the biggest brands in the country and they always had something special for their customers.  According to the experts, the H&M Super Bowl 2014 ad is indeed a game changer from H&M and they will surely change the way people will shop. This time, they have come up with their newest innovation named t-commerce that lets you use your smart television and remote control to place an order on your favorite item right when you are watching the ads. It means when you are watching the ads in the break time, you can instantly order your favorite goodies when the ad is being aired. However, you will need a smart television i.e. Samsung Smart TV with internet connectivity. H&M is probably the very first business that has come up with this plan. In addition to the new way of shopping, their campaign also includes the launch of an H&M t-commerce, boutique accessible to consumers 24/7 by visiting Delivery Agent’s ShopTV on select Samsung Smart TVs. Nevertheless, you can also access the boutique via ShopTV on the web, and on mobile devices and tablets. The delivery agent CEO of H&M was really proud about this and he had the following to say “This is a game-changer for the advertising industry. With the upcoming launch of the t-commerce-enabled H&M Super Bowl XLVIII ad, we collectively redefine the power and effectiveness of television advertising. Years ago, the world talked about the potential associated with buying Jennifer Aniston’s sweater. H&M, in an industry first, will now realize that potential by making their Super Bowl XLVIII ad actionable and directly measurable.”

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Although this might not be the most appropriate advertisement with the highest return on investment, it will surely create a new dimension in the way people shop. Many experts say that the ad is too optimistic while most of the people do not even have a smart TV in their house. But this shouldn’t stop H&M to promote their products with a new approach.


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