Super Bowl 2014 Ads: the grand Coke Chase Super Bowl 2014 Ad from Coca Cola

Sunday, January 26, 2014

With the phenomenon of Super Bowl 2014 approaching us very soon, businesses have a very short time to come up with their ads. Coming up with new ads for the Super Bowl has always been a top priority for the businesses and the spectators were always amazed with the innovative and engaging ads from their favorite businesses.

This game event will take place on February 2, 2014 and it is expected that it will be watched by millions of people will watch this. This is indeed a great platform to air an ad, as it will have the highest exposure as well. The Super Bowl 2014 is also not an exception to this and we are pleased to inform you that there are some amazing ads lined for the fans of Super Bowl 2014. All the top brands of automobile, electronics, fashion, technology, food and beverages have come up with their new Super Bowl 2014 ads. At I4U, we have been working days and nights to keep you updated about all those ads and you updated as well.

While we have found a number of Super Bowl 2014 ads really interesting, one particular ad of Coca Cola grabbed our attention with its unique features. This particular ad from the legendary Coca Cola is really interesting and we are sure it will keep glued to your screen while it is being aired. The Coca Cola itself is a big brand that doesn’t need to promote their products anymore. Even after that, Coca Cola never leaves any stone unturned and they certainly do not want to miss the opportunity of Super Bowl 2013 as well. Their Coke Chase Super Bowl 2014 ad is a clear sign of that includes humor, action and feel good theme. The ad includes almost everything that you think. This ad begins right in the middle of a desert where everyone is chasing a giant coke bottle. There are tap dancer, cowboys, bikers, Arab sheikhs on camels and many more. All of them are competing against each other to grab the chase down the giant bottle Coca Cola. Last year, Coca-Cola sets new standards with their interactive Super Bowl ad. Fans could vote for the final ending of the epic ad. Coca-Cola got also some free PR because of accusations that the Coca-Cola Super Bowl 2013 ad would be racist. This is why; they have played safe this time and stayed away from all types of controversies. When you watch the Coke Chase Super Bowl 2014 ad, you will surely have a smile on your face once you come to the end. We wouldn’t spoil the fun of this ad and you should check it out as soon as possible.

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This is only one of the noteworthy Super Bowl 2014 ads and there are many more. If you are interested to know about those expensive Super Bowl 2014 Commercials that cost $4 million per 30 seconds, keep reading our post on I4u. We will be brining you more updates about the Super Bowl 2014 ads until the game kicks off on February 2, 2014. 


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