Super Bowl 2014 Ads: Cheerios Super Bowl 2014 ad

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Super Bowl 2014 ads have just started to make the public debut and they are already making a huge buzz around the nation. Although there are hundreds of events that the businesses target to promote their products and services, the Super Bowl is really important among all those.

Since this is the most popular game event of the year and millions of people watch this event, this had become one of the most exclusive occasion to air an advertisement. In 2013, the Super Bowl had an estimated audience of around 15 million, which is really a big platform to promote a product.  The Super Bowl 2014 is also not an exception to this and it is expected that there will be even more spectators this time as well. This is why; businesses are really excited about this event and they are trying their level best to come up with the most exciting and engaging Super Bowl 2014 ads. Among these businesses, you will find almost all the major brands. As this is a truly unique event, we are trying our level best to keep our audience at I4U updated about them as well. 

While we have found a number of Super Bowl 2014 ads really interesting, one particular ad of Cheerios grabbed our attention with its unique features. Cheerios is without any doubt a huge brand in the country and probably one of the closely linked products with the viewers as well. Most of the people who will be watching the Super Bowl 2014 will surely have a pack of Cheerios in their hand as well. But this doesn’t stop this company to promote their product on this event as well. Like others, they have also come up with a new Cheerios Super Bowl 2014 ad this time and General Mills has also confirmed and announced about a Cheerios Super Bowl 2014 ad. Camille Gibson, VP of Marketing for Cheerios also explained why the brand is putting down $4 million to advertise during the Super Bowl 2014. She said that “Historically, what really worked for Cheerios is emotional storytelling that involves families and children, and connections and relationships. What people will see in this commercial really represents what the brand stands for. It will be a beautiful story about a family and their love for each other.” This is why; the Cheerios Super Bowl 2014 ad will revolve around family and love. So far we know that, the Cheerios Super Bowl 2014 ad will be aired online in the week before the Super Bowl 2014.

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But there are more similar Super Bowl 2014 ads to watch out in 2014 as well. If we start, it will take us even more time to go through all of them. But we will keep continuing discussing about all of them. So far we can say that this particular ad will be something really special and it will surely grab attention from game fans as well.


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