Latest weather update for Super Bowl XLVIII

Sunday, January 26, 2014

With all the news about the Arctic Blast and the Polar Vortex devastating cities in the North Atlantic part of America, NFL plans to change time and day in case of severe weather during Super bowl XLVIII says executive VP.

National Football League (NFL) Executive Vice President Eric Grubman said 24 hours are required to move the game, 36 hours to move the schedule, and 48 hours of notice to prepare. With over 10 days left to forecast potential threatening snow storm, the game could possibly be moved to January 31, or February 3.

Back in December 2010, NFL moved the scheduled match between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles from Sunday night to Tuesday night due to post-Christmas snowstorm.

Super Bowl XLVIII is the first in NFL history that the game will be held in outdoor in a cold-weather city. That fact came as a big shock for most meteorologists.

The big game will happen during the East Coast snowstorms would happen along with the Winter Storm Nemo, as well as the Groundhog Day.

No exact forecast yet

Over one more week to go before Super Bowl XLVIII and there is still no telling what kind of weather will occur during the big game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks on Feb 2, at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Perhaps next week, meteorologist could give more accurate predictions on how the weather will be like during the big game. These meteorologists, however, are observing the features of the overall weather pattern.

The overall weather pattern reads that two cold fronts will bring Arctic air to the Northeast from early on during the week before the big game. The snow that will accompany these fronts will not be harsh though.

High potential of rain instead of snow

Later, during the week before the big game, there will be interesting weather changes. Midweek before the big game, there is a high possibility of East Coast snow. It is not yet clear though, whether there will be rain to block the snow from entering northern New Jersey during that period. Uncertainties in prediction are usually for the East Coast system.

Based on the featured overall weather pattern, there is a potential of light East Coast rain during the Super Bowl weekend. According to meteorologists’ forecast, this does not look like a heavy storm yet, but changes may occur. There is also a high possibility that the week before the big game would be colder compared to the big game weekend. There is a high possibility that rain will occur instead of snow.

February 2 is usually cold according to climate center

Southeast Regional Climate Center’s William Schmitz found a statistical pattern every Feb 2 at Newark, New Jersey. This is not the exact forecast, rather, these are simple averages.

His findings show that during Feb 2 there is high temperature that could reach below freezing point every four years. There is rain twice every five years. Snow falls once every five years.

For the last five Groundhog Days in Newark, three experienced measurable snow. Feb 2 2009 was dry, but the next day, the area had three inches of snow.


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