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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Super Bowl Ads is an integral part of the big game. There is a fan base that anticipates the advertisements as much as they anticipate the game itself. People get excited which advertisements are the best, which company used the same strategies, and which ones are the most interesting or funny.

You know if a certain advertisement is effective and is excellent when it gives viewers a jolt in their system, encouraging them to buy or be loyal to their product. Meanwhile, there are advertisements that are well presented and unforgettable, but are not that persuasive.

Countless football fans have various opinions on different advertisements showcased at the event. These people don’t have to hide their opinions to themselves. They can join the Super Bowl Ad Meter panel to be one of the deciding factors on which advertisements should win or lose.

For fans who want to join the SuperBowl Ad Meter panel, registration is ongoing until January 31, 2013 Friday.

For the next few weeks, as the big game is fast approaching on February 2, 2014, there will be previews of the ads including the past, ads and the present ads, some of which are leaked. Those who are interested in joining the panel will know who created the best ads for the past events. The panellist can also vote for their favourite advertisement in history.

Panelist will be updated with the ads on Super Bowl Sunday, to help them decide which ads are the best. Judging the Super Bowl ads is like following a whole different game. This would also keep fans entertained during the halftime show, which is if they are not big fans of Bruno Mars.

For those who want to be a part of history who watches out for the ads along with the games, then they can join the biggest ever Super Bowl Ad Meter Panel through this site

The USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter is a yearly survey on TV advertisements in the USA Today newspaper through a live poll during the live telecast of the National Football League championship in the United States.

This survey started in 1989 has a zero-to ten scale live response from focus groups in the newspaper's headquarters in McLean, Virginia or in the newspapers website.

In 2013’s game, there were over 15,000 people who voted and decided which ads are the best and which ones are the worst. Here is a list of the top ten most favourite ads for the Super BowlXLVII ads:

1.      Anheuser-Busch’s 60-second “horse trainer reunited” advertisements shown during   the third quarter of the game is first on the list.
2.      Followed by Tide’s 60-second “Miracle Stain” which was shown during the fourth quarter of the big game. 
3.      Ram Trucks’ 120-second “farmers” ad, which was shown during the fourth quarter, made it to the top ten.
4.      Doritos’ 30-second “fashionista dog,” which was shown during the second quarter, also made it to the top ten.
5.      JEEP’s 120-second “family waiting” was shown during the Half Time of the big game.
6.      Kia’s funny 60-second ad “space babies” was one of the funny and memorable ads that made it to the list.  
7.      Another very funny advertisement is Doritos’ 30-second “goat for sale” shown during the first quarter.
8.      NFL’s “Deion Sanders return” advertisement is also one of the most unforgettable ads that made it to the top ten.
9.      The cute and funny Hyundai 30-second “Kids assembles team” ad shown during the first quarter is also one of the fans favourites.
10.  The story of courage from Audi’s “prom” ad during the first quarter is also the fans choice.

There is a simple registration process that fans must follow to be able to vote for the ads during the big game. Here is the registration process that fans must take note of to be a panellist:

  • For those who were able to participate as panellist in the 2013 Super Bowl Ad Meter, they still have to register themselves in the sites new and enhanced system to be a panellist.

  • For those who were able to join the Year in Sports program of the site indicated, they need not register because they already have an account. There will be no actions needed until the big day on February 2, when they need to log in to vote.

  • The voting will start immediately on noon (EST) of February 2, which will stop right after the end of the regulation time in the big game. This means all of the advertisements in the big game will be voted on, from the coin-toss until the end of the game. Those fans who will become official Super Bowl Ad Meter panellist must vote on all of these advertisements.

  • Some of the commercials will be on the Ad Meter before the game, while others will be posted as the game is played. This is why it is important to check the Ad Meter morning and night to vote for the best ads until the completion of the ballot.

  • Here are some of the major terms and conditions for the Super Bowl Ad Meter Panelist:

  • Participants must be American citizens not under 18 years old. USA Today employees, Gannett Co employees, it's affiliate and subsidiaries are not allowed to join the panel.

  • Those interested to join the panel should fill up the registration form with the required information. USA Today will authenticate and confirm the information placed on the registration form. Multiple accounts is not allowed, which means fans can only register once.

  • Panelist must submit one vote for each ad. Multiple votes from a panellist on one ad are not allowed.

  • USA Today Sports can disqualify people tampering with any aspect of the Ad Meter Panel as determined by the site. The site can also terminate any panel that would become a threat to the security of its operation.

  • Only the authorized account owner, which means the person assigned to the particular e-mail address will be considered as the panellist. 


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