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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The National Football League predicts that around 400,000 people will go to northern New Jersey for the Super bowl XLVIII championship game on February 2, 2014 at the MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey. People from New York City will travel some 10 miles to reach NJ. It is expected that the big game will bring in over half a billion dollars to the economy of New Jersey. This figure has sparked the interest of hotel owners, homeowners, and people who live in apartments. They saw an opportunity to earn from the influx of people coming in to NJ, which has an expensive real estate market in the first place. According to reports, some of the lodging advertisements are the most expensive rates in all of Super Bowl history.

Ordinary budget hotels found in West Orange, New Jersey offers their room at an average of $100. That is for the queen room which is complete with coffee maker and cable TV. As February 2014 is fast approaching, the Best Western will be charged at a rate of $1,000 a room. Hotel manager Brian Cassara agrees that the rate is quite expensive. He also hopes that die hard fans of the big game would pay for that amount just to come and see Super Bowl XLVIII.

Homeowners even came up with promotional incentives just to attract high-class quests. These homeowners would provide chauffeurs, gift certificates for massage or dinner, and stocked bars. managing director Bill Ryan said a lot of businesses, real estate owners, and hotels are making big amount of money by taking advantage of the hundreds of thousands of fans that will be flocking in to NJ during the big game on Feb 2, so should the ordinary homeowners.

It is actually normal for cities hosting the Super Bowl to notice a sudden dramatic increase in bookings and prices during the week of the big game. These hotels anticipate the drastic increase, which is why most of them increase their rates months before the big game. During the Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, hotel occupancy went up to a whopping 96%. The prices increased drastically as well. The Marriott charged $1,500 a room during game night.

Hotels in New Jersey have already raised their rates as the big game fast approaches with only weeks left. People will pay whatever the price is just to make sure they have somewhere to stay before and after the Super Bowl on Feb 2. A lot of ordinary homeowners and apartment dwellers have already posted their houses on the website to find renters. Some homeowners even charge an unbelievable $10,000 a night to stay in a mansion. Some lease their small studio for $750 a night. Some of the private residences posted in websites includes houses and properties in the best neighbourhoods in New Jersey and New York.

People can find really big houses for rent posted on the websites. One giant house in Saddle Brook, New Jersey even reaches a price of $35,000 for the whole game week. One of the houses offered is a 5,700-square-foot house in Saddle Brook sitting on 1.7 acres of land, complete with four bedrooms, a two-storey foyer, four baths, a gym, and maid service. There is also one particular house in Hoboken, New Jersey that charges $10,000 per night. Another excellent place to stay is the four-bedroom apartment with three baths which is in the prestigious Maxwell Place condominiums. The place offers an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline over the Hudson River. According to one of the homeowners Garrett Larson, the rent will help him pay his bills and his debts. He has a two-bedroom townhouse located in Montclair, New Jersey. He charges $8,000 for six nights. The place is just 15 minutes away from the MetLife Stadium at East Rutherford, NJ, where the Super Bowl XLVIII will be held on Feb 2.

New York City has over 90,000 hotel rooms. The hotel owners are also trying to get a peace of the influx of guests for the Super Bowl XLVIII. New York City would also be a great choice to stay in because of its many amazing tourist attractions and easy access to transportation.

Kimpton Hotels have four properties located in Manhattan. It offers a viewing room for its guests in case the Super Bowl open venue at MetLife Stadium experiences harsh snow.  Guests should stay for a minimum of three nights to stay at the hotels. King rooms regular rates an average of $476 to $789 per night. These rates are expected to double in January.
Ritz-Carlton and Sofitel, which are both five-star hotels also have three-night packages. These packages come complete with a pre-game party access, end-zone tickets, and a round-trip transport to the MetLife Stadium. The packages’ rates begin at $5,635 a person.

According to hotel owners and home owners, business is steady, but not brisk. They still do not feel the influx the Super Bowl is expected to bring. But these property owners keep the prices high, as they anticipate the barrage of fans coming in after the last wave of tickets will be sold and the contending teams will be determined after the postseason playoffs. NFL Brian McCarthy said, 80 percent of the fans that will go to the game do not know which teams will play at the Super Bowl XLVIII until mid-January 2014.

According to McCarthy, NFL has decreased the prices of the cheapest Super Bowl seats to only $500, compared to last year’s $650. He said that the prices don’t matter, the big game this year will still sell out just like the rest of the Super Bowl events in the past. He said Super Bowl tickets are very desirable, that it still couldn't accommodate all the people who want to experience the game first hand even if the NFL would build a 500,000-seat stadium.

No matter which team will make it to the Super Bowl and which one will win, hotels and home owners in New Jersey are definitely victors with the money they will make from all the guests coming in to see the Super Bowl XLVIII.


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