GoDaddy makes major changes for Super Bowl XLVIII Ad

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Not only will GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad not be super sexy anymore, it will also be very informative for all its consumers, this is according to its CEO Blake Irving. These are the two biggest changes will have for their ad in the big game on February 2.

This time, GoDaddy’s commercial won't be controversial anymore and it will provide information to consumers on what kinds of services the company really provides. GoDaddy will still have its beautiful brunette promoter Danica Patrick, but without the “sex sell” strategy. The NASCAR driver has actually been in the Super Bowl ads more times than any other celebrities out there.

According to Irving, they will show consumers who GoDaddy really is for their ad on the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII at the MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey. He said that this radical change to their advertisement approach only shows that their advertising efforts in the past have been successful. Since their name has become a widely recognized brand thanks to their past commercials, they now have the confidence to experiment with their ad. And Irving said, why not show the consumers, what really does? He said this new strategy lets them have fun while being edgy and show how little guys can rock. Super Bowl XLVIII will definitely mark a new era for Superbowl in the advertisement stage of the big game, said Irving.

This is the tenth year that GoDaddy will be advertising in the Super Bowl ad stage. The company bought two 30-second ad spots, which will be broadcasted in each half of the big game on Feb 2.

GoDaddy won't have super models showing too much skin or kissing nerds. There are photos online of their commercial shoot with Danica Patrick wearing really short shorts and just a sports bra while jogging. This won't be as you imagined, since, she was as buff as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in those photos. That picture with those gigantic biceps and veins popping out is definitely far from sexy. It may not be sexy, but she looked pretty funny in those pictures. The picture shows other macho men running with her. Danica Patrick had a lot of activities in 2013. She went to a trip with her boyfriend to paradise, she went to Las Vegas with her family for the Sprint Cup Series Awards and she hosted the American Country Awards. Was she also busy gaining weights to look like She-Hulk? Don’t worry fans, no she didn’t. it was just a muscle suit.’s marketing is evolving along with their new CEO Blake Irving. He makes sure that the company will keep its edge through speaking inclusively to consumer while showing them the values that the company provides for small entrepreneurs and their businesses.

This year, Deutsch New York produced GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad. Deutsch was the same advertisement agency that helped the company re-launch its brand back in September. Deutsch produced GoDaddy’s “It’s Go Time” campaign where Jean-Claude Van Damme inspires small business owners to “kick ass.”


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