Complete line up of celebrities appearing in Super Bowl ads

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Celebrities appearing in Super Bowl ads have been a tradition in the NFL for a long time. For this year, there are some first time celebrities endorsing brands during the big game’s commercial stage. Meanwhile, a lot of companies have more than just one celebrity showing up in their advertisements during the big game on February 2 at the MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Super Bowl ad stage is the biggest commercial platform, with over 110 million viewers on TV, plus more online. In a generation when Super Bowl ad slots are $4 million per 30 minutes, advertisers would do the craziest things to make sure that they get the buzz they want from this advertising platform. One of the strategies that advertisers use is to have celebrities endorse their product. This time, several brands use multiple celebrities, while most have celebrities that will be appearing on the big game’s ad stage for the first time.

Advertising companies will definitely have a big pay check for producing Super Bowl ads for different companies. Fox, of course, will earn big from the ad slots they sell for these advertisers. But celebrities will get their fair share of income from starring in these ads. Celebrities appearing in the big game’s ad stage can get paid $250,000 for the lowest B-listers up to $1 million and more for A-lister superstars.

Reggie Watts, Don Cheadle and Arnold Schwarzenegger along with one more celebrity, which the company is yet to disclose who, will appear in Anheuser-Busch ads, which span an accumulated 2 minutes and 30 seconds worth of ad slots for the big game.

According to Bud Light vice president Rob McCarthy, fans should expect the unpredictable with their new campaign “The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens.”

Jaguar, on the other hand, has three celebrities endorsing their products. Jaguar is pretty cool because it has three British celebrities that usually play roles of villains in movies.

Notorious movie villains Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, and Tom Hiddleston will be in one explosive ad spot for the British car maker Jaguar. With these three amazing actors, the ad can easily be levelled along with major motion pictures. According to Jaguar North America brand vice president Jeff Curry, have these amazing actors can give fans another topic to talk about. This is a great strategy for their ad and their brand to be in the NFL fans’ conversations before, during and after the big game.

Toyota will have former NFL player Terry Crews and the Muppets appearing in their ad. Toyota vice president of marketing Jack Hollis said the Muppets and Crews give their ad instant recognition. He said that they are creating much buzz online and will be giving the fans a memorable Super Bowl game day.

Hyundai will have Johnny Galecki and Richard Lewis in their ad. It is the first time that the comedian and Big Bang Theory star will be appearing in a Hyundai Super Bowl ad.

Dannon will also have three celebrities in their ad. John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Bob Saget from the sitcom Full House reunites for Dannon’s Oikos Yogurt Super Bowl ad Spot. According to Dannon vice president for marketing Art D’Elia, these three actors can make Dannon Oikos into a delicious part of people’s daily life and the game day.

It wouldn’t be wise for advertisers to have more than one very big star in their ad, because it would be difficult for them to share screen time. Scarlett Johansson just can’t sip on the SodaStream drink with another super hot celebrity. ScarJo’s ad, however, got banned from being shown on the big game’s ad stage. It is not because the hot celebrity is too sexy on the ad, but because the do-it-yourself soft drink maker took on its major competitors Pepsi and Coke. It’s more like, “sorry SodaStream and ScarJo.”

Meanwhile, it would be best to have only David Beckham showing off some skin during the H&M underwear Super Bowl Ad.

One great strategy would be to have celebrities play a role opposite to the characters they usually take on in their movies. Kia used this strategy just right, with Laurence Fishburne turns his serious Morpheus role from the Matrix franchise into a funny presentation of the character.

Even in just a few seconds of teaser appearance, Stephen Colbert can already make you laugh. Wonderful Pistachios definitely picked the right celebrity to endorse their product. Last year, the company had phenomenal Korean rapper Psy endorse their brand for the Super Bowl ad stage.

Audi’s Super Bowl commercial for their A3 features Sarah McLachlan is supporting the infamous Doberhuahua. The ad is all about Audi being a company who doesn’t compromise. The Doberhuahua is a ridiculous result of a Doberman and Chihuahua hybrid, a clear example that compromise leads to something not right.

Auto racer Danica Patrick will be back to endorse GoDaddy, but this time the brand’s Super Bowl ad won’t be about women presented in hyper sexualized portrayals. Patrick will be jogging with buffed men in this ad. She will be as buff as the men she is running within this ad.

There are also other brands that are mum about the celebrity appearances in their ads. Chrysler, in the past Super Bowl commercials had Clint Eastwood and Eminem, but they are lip-locked about their celebrities for this year’s big game.

All these celebrities endorsing different brands in the Super bowl ad stage only tell one thing; Advertisers truly believe that celebrities can draw more people into watching their ads.

Several of these ads with celebrities in it can already be seen in social media platforms. Most of the Super Bowl advertisers have flocked the internet weeks before the big game on Feb 2. These brands have released their full advertisements, while others have shown teasers. Truly, every year, the Super Bowl ad changes, and advertisers are looking for innovative strategies to make a buzz before, during and after the big sporting event.


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