Cheerios back with biracial family

Thursday, January 30, 2014

After six long years, Cheerios is finally back In the Super Bowl ad stage along with the biracial family the brand featured in their past ad.

Just a few days before the event, Cheerios managed to turn its commercial into one of the most talked about ads of the week.

The brand’s 30-second ad is titled “Grace,” which is a sequel to its controversial 2013 commercial “Just Checking.” This ad features the interracial couple, with a black husband and a white wife and their child. The ad starts off with the family sharing a lovely, plain meal on the kitchen table. In the sequel, the father is explaining to her daughter that she is going to have a baby brother soon. The father explains this fact to his daughter using Cheerios. It is a pretty heart warming scene with quite a funny ending. Even if the sequel didn’t address directly controversy it made during the first ad, this commercial definitely gave the audiences an unforgettable message.

The previous ad had little Grace asks her mom if Cheerios are good for the heart. The mom said it can lower cholesterol, and then mischievously walks away. The next scene shows a picture of her dad  waking up after taking a nap on a couch with cereals mounding up on his chest.

The original advertisement, which was released last May got plenty of controversial comments from online media users. The past ad was bombarded with negative, bigoted and offensive remarks in YouTube, because Cheerios used an interracial couple. The anger was overwhelming to the point that Cheerios decided to disable comments on that YouTube clip.

Cheerios is pretty brave for bringing back the interracial family, despite the controversy it gained for their previous ad. This biggest risk may be one of the main reasons why the “Gracie” ad quickly became a hot topic for this week’s Super Bowl ad stage.

According to Cheerios vice president of marketing Camille Gibson, the comments that the ad received on YouTube was not family friendly based on the company’ point-of-view. She said they were trying to portray a typical American family in their commercial. They featured an interracial family, because in America today, there really are a lot of multicultural families.

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The controversial hate comments about racism and bigotry worked to Cheerios advantage. The ad raked over 5 million views on YouTube. Even if, there still were haters, positive reviews for the ad outnumbered the negative ones. More people applauded the company for bringing in diversity to the table.

Gibson said, they fell in love with this interracial family, just like countless of Americans. She stressed how the Super Bowl ad stage provided an opportunity for them to feature this beautiful family once more.

The General Mills cereal company seems to have made the right choice to use bi-racial actress Grace Colbert for their Super Bowl ad. Though this raked in controversies at first, ultimately it became such a big promotional leverage for them is turning the ad into an instant hit.


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