Best of Super Bowl 2014 ads: Two different Hyundai Super Bowl 2014 ads

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hyundai always had a tradition to come up with innovative and humorous ads to promote their cars. Above that, they always took advantage of any popular events with a massive audience as well. Among those, the Super Bowl is a particular event that they never miss. Last year they had a funny Super Bowl 2013 ad that was about all about new thinking and new innovation. In line with this, they have made a come up with two different Super Bowl 2014 Ads this time. Both of these two ads are really interesting and we are sure that they stand out in the crowd as well.

As we all know, the Super Bowl is one of the most exclusive events for the businesses and they never miss an opportunity to air their ads on this particular game. As millions of people watch the game and also the ad, the opportunity to air any ad will surely bring more exposure for the businesses. This is why; the businesses do not bother to spend millions on their super bowl ads. The expenditure includes both the cost of air time as well as production of the ad. However, this time the broadcasters have managed to charge a whopping $4 million for every 30 seconds of air time for the Super Bowl 2014 ads. But that is not stopping the businesses to come up their ads and also air them. In fact, Hyundai has come up with two different Super Bowl 2014 ads which they will air in the middle of the game.

As announced, the Super Bowl 2014 will kick off on February 2, 2014 and the people can’t wait anymore for this game. All the preparation for the game is done already and the organizers have left no stone unturned to make the game event a bigger success. The businesses are racing with those organizers to come up with their Super Bowl 2014 ads as well. As there is hardly any time left for the game, the businesses have also managed to complete their ads and they are really excited about air them in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl 2014 ads have been already aired in different media with a hope that they will get more attention from the audiences. This is why; you will see that most of the popular platforms such as YouTube, TV, social networking sites are being bombarded with those ads. However, Hyundai has gone for a different strategy without getting away from their standard norms.

As usual, Hyundai has focused on humor in their ad. The reason that they always stick with humor in their ads is that it connects to everyone. However, this time they have also incorporated two new elements in their ads as well. With their two different ads, they will be promoting two different cars which are Hyundai Elantra and the Hyundai Genesis. Both of these two are brand new and top range cars from this Korean company and they named the ad of Genesis as the “Dad’s Sixth Sense” and the Elantra Ad as “Nice”. As we have come to know at I4U, Hyundai will start their Super Bowl advertising showcase with a 30-second the titled "Dad's Sixth Sense” in the during the first quarter and it will be followed by the ad titles “Nice”. Both of these two ads have humor and all the elements to grab the attention of their audience as well as linger in their minds while they are not even watching the ads.
While both the ads are truly unique and interesting, we have found the “Dad Sixth Sense” as the more interesting one. A few days ago Hyundai released the full version of the Super Bowl ad titled Dad's Sixth Sense. This Hyundai Super Bowl 2014 ad promotes the 2015 Hyundai Genesis and focuses on the emergency break feature in a fun way. While this is not the most striking ad, this is good to watch Super Bowl 2014 ad. In this ad, the creators used a collection scenario between a father and the son. This is an ad that all the dads will surely relate to their own life as well. According to the experts, this is a that any dad can relate to as the ad dramatizes the near-misses and saves of everyday parenting as well gives a dramatic demonstration of the all-new Genesis and its Automatic Emergency Braking capabilities. This is one of the many features included in Genesis' comprehensive suite of safety services, the Sensory Surround Safety System and the ad justifies this feature as well. In this ad, you will see that how father relentlessly tries to safeguard his restless boy from all the accidents and but gets into trouble. Even after all the hassles, the father manages to save his boy with his sixth sense. The Genesis car has the automatic braking system that also realizes the risk of a collision and automatically brakes when there is chance of accident. This feature is shown in a creative way and you will surely love this ad.

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On the other hand, the nice ad is more about humor and celebrity. This is a 30-second in-game spot running in the fourth quarter, is inspired and made possible by the new sporty, compact Elantra. This ad is all about an escalating game of compliments between two identical Elantras and effectively showcasing the innovative performance, style and technology features of Hyundai's new compact sedan. This second Hyundai Super Bowl ad is featuring two celebrities and is promoting the Hyundai Elantra. Johnny Galecki from the hit show Big Bang Theory drives an Elantra in the ad. He sees an attractive young woman driving the same "Nice" Elantra as him. Then weird things happen, including Richard Lewis on the back seat and the people are saying that this is a nice to watch the ad.

Greg Braun, Executive Creative Director, INNOCEAN USA who is behind these two Super Bowl 2014 commercials was happy to take two different approaches to their ads from fun and comedic, too endearing and sentimental without losing focus on the essence of Hyundai.


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