All time most-shared Super Bowl Ads

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Bowl has the power to turn advertisements, viral online. People are just captivated by the advertisements’ heart warming stories, humour, and their sex appeal. This is why they love to share and talk about it on social media platforms. Some advertisements even become viral weeks before the big game kicks off.

Social media platforms have become a great asset for advertisers to promote their brands. There are advertisers that would even release their commercials or teasers on YouTube or in their official websites. This would promote their ads even before the game day. Some advertisers this year have released their commercials in the YouTube Ad Blitz channel to gain more viewers than what they could already get from the Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2 at the MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Though there are no guarantees that all the views they get would translate into sales, gaining millions of views through online sharing would definitely create a strong brand name for these advertisers. Of course, some of the viewers would get that spur to buy the products being advertised. There are hundreds of Super Bowl ads over the years, and here are the most-shared ads online:

The Force

Volkswagen’s 2011 Super Bowl ad “The Force” isn’t just funny; it is very heart-warming, especially seeing the kid’s resilience in mastering “the force” as Darth Vader while his father understands. Yes, Star Wars always works, it gave this ad over 58 million views on YouTube and more than 5 million shares in social media sites.    

9/11 Trubute

Budweiser’s 2002 “9/11 Tribute” ad comes in at number two with 3.34 million shares on social networking platforms and blogs. This ad takes place less than a year after the tragic September 11 attacks. Budweiser captured the hearts of the viewers as it pays tribute to the victims of the tragedy.


Budweiser’s 2013 “Brotherhood” ad is such a tearjerker and it seems that a lot of people want to experience that feeling because it gained 2.73 million shares online. This ad is a touching story of a Clydesdale and its master as they got separated and reunited.


Ram Trucks’ 2013 “Farmer” ad is very inspiring. With Paul Harvey’s riveting speech “God Made a Farmer” with strong images of the daily life of an American Farmer, this ad definitely is inspiring. In fact, it inspired people to share it 1.89 million times online.

Fast and Furious 6

The trailer of the hit Fast and Furious 6 was shared 1.51 million times online helping it grossed up to $788 million all over the world.

OK Go, “Needing/Getting

Chevrolet’s 2012 ad where alternative-rock band makes music through genius stunt driving is definitely something you want other people to see, which is why it garnered 1.25 million shares online.

The Bark Side

Volkswagen’s 2012 “The Bark Side” got 901,000 shares.

Fast Five

Before Fast and Furious 6, the franchise also got successful with their 2011 Super Bowl Ad with 888,000 shares.

Star Treck Into Darkness

Another film trailer that made it big is Star Treck Into Darkness trailer with 700,000 shares.

Sexy And I Know It

M&M pulled off a way to combine chocolate chips and sexy giving them hundreds of thousands of shares.


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