Ads more mature for Super Bowl XLVIII

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Super Bowl ad stage is one of the most important parts of the big game. Millions of people are as excited to see what advertisements, brands have in store for the upcoming big game. Fans usually expect to see hot ladies in bikini, sexy tongue kisses, slapstick humour, and novelty dance steps. For this year’s big game, however, fans should expect something different; maturity. There will actually be fully-dressed women, A-lister celebrities and real product information for the advertisement stage of this year’s big game, which will be on February 2 at the MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Virginia Commonwealth University professor of brand strategy Kelly O’Keefe said people will see more sophistication in the Super Bowl ad stage. Ads for the big game used to be about bros, beer or boobs.

It seems like advertisers are making the most out of their $4million per 30-second slot with more thought about ads and not just commercials which capitalizes on shock value. Advertisers this time are actually trying to build an image instead of just grabbing audiences’ attention.

Perhaps this time, studies that found out Super Bowl ads doesn’t really give audiences the spur to buy the products they see on eye catching commercials will have a new result in their study.

According to experts, advertisers are more concerned about building their image because consumers are getting more mature. Though a lot of companies live by the ancient “sex sells” strategy, most of them are slowly realizing that consumers have gotten over the superficial shock tactics and shallow humour of advertisers.

This is an era where advertisers can’t shock audiences visually anymore. People want to see something with more substance. And for companies that have realized this, they position their advertisements in a manner that they can build an image and deliver a more sophisticated message.

No more tongue kisses made a notorious reputation for having racy Super Bowl commercials. Last year, the company featured a computer geek sensually kissing super model Bar Rafaeli in a close-up shot. The ad didn’t just garner criticisms from social media platforms; it was also dubbed as the least effective ad during the big game. Godaddy chief marketing officer Barb Rechterman said the brand will focus on their product and portray women as strong and smart business owners. Their ad will have race car driver Danica Patrick in a buffed up suit.

Sex doesn’t sell anymore

Sexy ladies in bikini taking off their top, super model angels falling from the sky, and hot damsels in distress choosing the astronaut over the lifeguard are some of the typical scenes in an Axe advertisement. This year, however, Unilever’s Axe Peace will have a more meaningful ad, which will be about peace and love.

More big time celebrity Super Bowl first timers

Wonderful Pistachios had the one-hit wonder Korean novelty rapper Psy doing the Gangnam style dance steps in their Super Bowl ad last year. This year, it will have Stephen Colbert.

Jaguar will have three British celebrities who usually play villains. Bud Light will feature four big celebrity names endorsing their new campaign, “The perfect beer for whatever happens.” Scarlett Johansson will appear on SodaStream, Laurence Fishburne in Kia and more.


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