The Big Names in the Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

Monday, December 2, 2013

In order to be one of the official Super Bowl 2014 Commercials, a business must have a clever idea in advertising their goods and services. In the case of smaller businesses, some advertising executives have come up with ways to encourage them and take a shot for a free commercial slot during the most anticipated sports/tv event, which is the Super Bowl.

Of course, the fact that the commercials for the Super Bowl are to be aired on television, they would require the expertise of filmmakers and producers. When their presentation makes it one of the commercial slots, they also have a part in that success. Besides, creating a professionally made tv ad requires skills, equipment, and budget. If one of these three is lacking, then having a commercial slot at the Super Bowl is not that possible.

If one has to go over the fact that most companies are hiring professionals to help them in their campaign in order for them to also reap the benefits if ever their presentation makes it to one of the commercial slots. Now, this is one big break for aspiring filmmakers. In fact, the opportunity is so rare that it only comes once a year.

Here are some of the entries that are sure to have slots in the Super Bowl 2014. So, what did these companies cook in their kitchen for the upcoming year’s Super Bowl? Let’s go through them real quick along with their profile.

The Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest
Intuit is a big company that represents small companies. They make software applications that are usually related to accounting and tax preparation, where most of them were designed for small businesses as well as sole proprietorships. Intuit’s Super Bowl initiative to put up a commercial contest reflects the company’s commitment to supporting and empowering small businesses, especially because they have two methods of doing it.

First is that Intuit has promised to give away more than $20,000 to lucky participants. The three runner-ups will receive all-expense paid trips and cash, while the winning participant will have the opportunity to have their commercial air on tv during the Super Bowl. The winner will also receive several hundred thousand dollars in cold cash. Not only do they get tv exposure, they also have something to improve on their business.

The second one is that Intuit also promises to small-scale business. So, instead of seeing them thrown by bigger companies, they aid business owners and provide advertising solutions not only for the sake of the competition, but for the fact that they want to stay longer in business. Not many companies get this much care from a big company.

Fox Sports Social Bowl
On the other side, Fox is all about the big money. Unlike Intuit’s style, the broadcaster has announced a contest tentatively titled the Social Bowl. In this contest, marketing companies would have to submit thirty second ads, they will be presented and voted on by fans through social media, and thus where the name of the game was taken.

The commercial airtime offered by Fox is not only within the game. The ads will also be aired during the pre-game. During this timeframe, the cost of the commercials will be around $850,000, plus $150,000 entry fee to the network for the pre-game slot. During the game, however, the airtime for one commercial would actually cost $4 million. So, let’s say Fox has six entries, they would still get big returns, and that is very clever in making money.

Doritos Super Bowl Crash the Bowl Competition
When it comes to cleverness, perhaps nobody does it better than Doritos. Frito-Lay, the parent company of the delicious, finger-licking Doritos tortilla chips, has done something brilliant, in which it can be thought as a corporate sorcery. The encourages contestants to create, shoot, and edit their own TV commercials with their product as one of the objects in the ad. This way, not only is Frito-Lay getting publicity when people discuss and participate in the contest itself, but they are, too. What better is that they’re getting multiple commercials produced for free, for seven straight years now.

Given that, this kind of game mechanic truly has something to offer aspiring filmmakers; a wonderful opportunity for commercial success, as well as a chance to not only have their work seen by millions on TV, but also to bring home and share some serious cash.

As for this year’s contest, several participants that made it to the finals will get consolation prizes worth $25,000 and will have their spots available for online viewing. In the meantime, the winner and the first runner-up will receive the most votes submitted by fans, and a spot selected by the people at Doritos, respectively. The first runner-up gets a handsome sum of fifty grand along with an all-expense paid trip to the big game and time on the set of a major motion picture. The Grand winner will get one million dollars, plus a party at Super Bowl XLVIII.

Both winners will also have their advertisements aired during the Super Bowl. This is an amazing springboard for those who are into film making. Keep in mind that an unanticipated number of the most prominent directors working today, such as David Fincher and Spike Jonze, started their career in directing advertisements and music videos.

You might not recall all of last year’s finalists for years to come (they were “Fetch,” “Express Checkout,” and “Road Chip”) but we bet any Super Bowl commercial enthusiasts will long remember the two winners, which were “Fashionista Daddy,” an ad involving men in women’s clothes, eating tortilla chips, and “Goat 4 Sale,” which featured lots of Doritos and a screaming goat (so of course we loved it).

The date for the submission of entries started on October 8th, 2013, and just closed on November 24th. The top five ads will be announced about one month before Super Bowl XLVIII, along with other commercials that made it on the official roster.


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