Seahawks is Vegas sports book’s new favorite

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Las Vegas Hotel & Casino sports book list Seattle Seahawks as their favorite for the Super Bowl XLVIII.

This is the first time since midsummer LVH did not list Denver Broncos as their favorite.

The Seahawks has 3 - 2 odds while Broncos are coming in at the second spot with 5 - 2 odds.

Since the training camp, the Broncos were listed favorite until they became co-favorites with the Seahawks two weeks ago. And now that the Seahawks are 12 – 2, which puts them at the top spot of the LVH sports book for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2, 2014, at Metlife East Rutherford in New Jersey.

According to LVH sports super book director Mr. Jay Komegay there will only be the major reasons why the Seahawks swooped down and snatched the top spot. The first reason is that Denver’s offense did not play very well last Thursday against the San Diego Chargers, second is that Denver’s defense is pretty concerning, and finally, the Seahawks has been playing quite well. 

Following the Seahawks and the Broncos is the San Francisco 49ers at the third spot with an 8 – 1 odds. New England Patriots follow the 49ers with 12 – 1, tie with New Orleans, Cincinnati, and Carolina. Even though Kansas City (16 – 1) and Indianapolis (30-1) got a playoff berth along with Seattle ad Denver, Kansas City and Indianapolis are not getting the flavor.

Seahawks’ victory against the Giants

The Seahawks received overwhelming encouragements from fans all over the country that made it at the MetLife Stadium last Sunday after they defeated the New York Giants 23 – 0. The weather was fine during the game, with no signs of snow. The same weather might not be back to the big game on Feb 2, but the Seahawks definitely will. 

Seahawks Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman said being able to play at the MetLife is a big advantage to the team for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb 2, because they got familiar with the stadium, the weather, the time zone, the locker rooms, and the city. Quarterback Russel Wilson on the other hand hoped that he could play in the snow and said that it could have been “cool.” He said, this is something he has never done before, though he was able to practice some snow play at the University of Wisconsin. The quarterback said, their team should not be distracted by all the outside news about weather and other factors and that they should just focus on their game and their preparations. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll knows just how cold New Jersey could get, being able to coach the Jets before and all. He said New York is an extraordinary place for sporting events. He said there is nothing more fun than to compete in New York. He said, the game last Sunday and the game that will happen on Feb 2 can’t be compared, but he said, he liked the Stadium and that they would love to be back.

Four Players miss Broncos practice

There were four Broncos players who were absent in last Monday’s practice. They have to be absent due to injuries. Broncos’ slot receiver Wes Welker had a concussion, cornerback Kayvon had a fractured thumb, defensive lineman Derek Wolfe is showing seizure symptoms, and the team’s quarterback Peyton Manning had a high ankle sprain. Manning was there in the walk-through session, but later on, he was eventually called to break it down. After that, he went to the weightlifting facility with strength and conditioning coach Luke Richesson.

The Broncos usually just watch the film and recover on Monday by conditioning drills. This time, however, they need extra practice because of the weekend off that they have. The practice session was all about fundamentals and positioning drills with backup quarterback Brock Osweller running the first team offense.

The team’s receiver Demaryius Thomas showed his appreciation for team mate Manning who received the Sports Ilustrated’s Sportsman of the Year Award. He said he was very proud of Manning. He believes Manning has something to offer every week and has been doing a wonderful job for the past two years being on the team.

Superbook; largest wagering menu

The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino race and sportsbook is the largest wagering menu in the world. LVH sportsbook was opened in 1986. This is considered as the ultimate playground for all sports bettors. The sportsbook is also called “Superbook.” This has an area of 30,000 square feet with over 300 seats as well as 28 huge viewing screens. One screen is a colossal 15-by-20 foot big. This can be considered as the best place in Las Vegas to watch the upcoming Super Bowl on Feb 2.

Superbook has set the standards of all the betting lines in the country, or perhaps the world. This is because it has a wide range of options that other sports books don’t have. NFL Game of the Year line along with its advance are definitely the highlights of what Superbook has to offer.

Sports bettors can bet on marquee games in advance, as early as weeks or months before the game. This gives bettors a better line value on games that they handled strongly with conviction. Bettors can also bet on Super Bowl odds through LVH’s Superbook. They can also bet on conference odds, division offs, and, of course, the season over-all total as well as many other propositions.

Superbook is definitely for the sharp bettors. Hundreds of bettors go to LVH every fall to bet on the NFL Super Contest, which has an entry fee of $1,500. The Supercontest is very much like the World Series of Poker. LVH Superbook is definitely the biggest betting line menu in Las Vegas, or perhaps the whole world.

This is how big Superbook is, which is why people are so concern which team they are in favor for the Super Bowl. This is also a basis for other fans who have their own betting books or wager lines with their friends of other outlets.


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