Jones, Bisciotti, Mara are most popular NFL owners

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jerry Jones, Steve Bisciotti, and John Mara are the NFL owners that players and employees love to work for the most. Since there are only less than two weeks left for the NFL season and Super Bowl XLVIII is fast approaching on February 2, 2014, it would be great to know which NFL owners are the most popular.

There are different types of NFL owners and each has their own styles of ownership. Some of them are hands-on to their teams, while others prefer to be hands-off. There are also other owners who have a warm approach to their team, while others are more rigid. Some owners get involved with the team's operations, while others insulate themselves. There are owners who look at their team as an asset, while others treat their team as if they were part of his family.

Office staff, scouts, and coaches definitely have more credible opinions on whom among the NFL owners are best to work for. These are the people who have been working for the owners for longer than the NFL players themselves. So, which among the NFL owners do employees love to work for the most? Since the Super Bowl is fast approaching, here are the opinions of most office workers, agents and coaches (This list is not in any particular order):

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti

Bisciotti is hand-on with his team and is quite personal. He understands his employees and is a very effective communicator. Players feel very comfortable approaching him and he has a great relationship with the players in the team and the rest of the people under him. He is also very specific, as he wants to keep his working environment plain black and white. This means, his organization has no grey area. This type of ownership may also be the reason why the Ravens won the Super Bowl XLVII. Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome has the same personality as Bisciotti. His organization only has little turnover rate of the players, to the front desk officers. He is an amazing leader who knows well how to balance the demands of football operations and his family. Bisciotti’s greatness in his type of leadership reflects on the teams general manager. Nicknamed “The Wizard of Oz,” Newsome is a trailblazing leader. According to Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, Newsome’s credibility is the general manager’s best attribute. It is not just what he has accomplished that makes him a great general manager, it is his focus and commitment while working hard to do more, Harbaugh said. 

New York Giants owner John Mara

A lot of players, coaches, and employees have John Mara in their list of best NFL owners. Most players would like to have an idea on where they stand in their team, and Mara has created an organization that provides these information straight forward. He is well versed with the big picture and a lot of other owners have high regards for him. He is deeply rooted in old traditional values, and he wants his executives and coaches to practice those values as well. Though he is a bit tougher than his old man, he never fails to treat people around him with the highest respect possible. This may be unknown to many, but Mr. Mara is actually and absolutely very approachable.

Even though the Giants and the Jets are considered the host teams for the Super Bowl XLVIII which will be held in New Jersey, the Giants was unfortunately overplayed by Seattle Seahawks 23-0 in last Sunday’s game at the MetLife Stadium where the big game will be played on the 2nd day of February, 2014. His father who was Wellington Mara ran the Giants for 68 years until his death in 2005 at the age of 89. John Mara said his father set a high standard on how to run the Giants and his life. His father also treated people very well and had a great reputation. Even though these attributes are tough standards to follow, John Mara believes that these are worthwhile goals.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Fans may not like how hands-on, Jerry Jones could get, but his players and employees definitely love him. He is a very fun and personal owner. He has a good relationship with his players, as he is the type who just picks up the phone to ask his players if there is anything that they need. No matter how busy he gets, he never fails to get in touch with his grass roots level employees and treat them well. People around him greatly appreciate his love for the team, respect for the game, and his deep competitiveness. These are amazing attributes that owners should have to push through to the Super Bowl; however, ownership is not the only factor to win championship.

Atlanta Falcons for Arthur Blank

Mr. Blank is a billionaire who is very down to earth. Home Depot didn't become a colossal company out of luck, which is why Arthur understands his people well. He is a humble man who is a very effective communicator. He is very concerned on how to make his employees’ working environment consistently better. Players can easily approach him as if they are asking their grandfather for some words of wisdom.

Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Rooney

The team was founded by Art Rooney who died 1988. His son Dan Rooney runs the organization very well. There is so much turnover rate in the NFL industry, however, this organization has managed to have the lowest turnover of employees in the league. Players, coaches, office employees, and agents love to work for the Rooneys. Reports also state that there is a kind of parental feel of how the Rooneys handle the organization. Also they hire from the inside, which is why all the employees are very close.

With the upcoming Super Bowl on Feb 2, it is fun to root for teams with great owners, but ultimately, the real game will be played on the gridiron. There are some NFL owners who are not very involved with the operations of the game and let the coaches and players handle it. This does not make them bad owners, but because of this, they did not make it in the list. There are also owners who get themselves involve with the game operations, but are insulated from the employees. These types of owners, definitely didn’t make it to the list.


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