How Technology Advancements boost Super Bowl 2014 viewership to great proportions

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Super Bowl ad spots get higher value every year, because of the viewership that it garners reaching over a hundred million. Fast technology advancements are the main factors for these multitudes of viewership. Last year the big game broadcasted by CBS got 108.41 million viewers, NBC in 2011 got 111.3 million viewers, and Fox this year would definitely get even higher viewership, especially with their New York market. 

Some of the technological advancements that enhanced the numbers of the viewership of the game include the Internet, mobile devices, apps, and social media. These technologies also help promote the big game as people religiously anticipate not just the game, but also the performances and the advertisements showcased before, during and after the game.

The increasing value of Super Bowl ad spots has been evident with the Fox broadcast network already able to sell out all the commercial slots, even two months before the event on February 2, 2014 at the Met Life Stadium Rutherford, New Jersey. Another evident that the value of each ad for this game gets higher is that Fox sold up to $4 million for each 30-minute slot, which is $200,000 higher than CBS’s $3.8 million last year.

Alternative means to watch the big game

There are different means to keep up with the Super Bowl 2014 event even if you are not watching the television or if you were not able to get a ticket to attend the game of the year. Make sure you have your credit card with you when the game is about to begin. You can watch the game through your Smartphone, tablet, or on your computer. According to Fox Sports Senior Producer Marla Newman, the advertisements showcased during the game will not be viewed on live streams though.

1.    Fox Sports Go App. You can use your tablet or your Smartphone to watch the game, especially if you have that Internet cellular plan. If you have these gadgets and features, download Fox Sports Go App to watch a live stream of Super Bowl 2014 and its halftime show. You can enjoy this amazing app for free. Before, people are required to prove that they are paying TV subscribers before they can watch the game on their tablets or phones. This year, Fox allows people to watch the game through their gadgets without proving they are pay TV subscribers. If you can’t watch the game on the free-to-air Fox channel on TV, the best alternative is the Fox Sports Go App. 

2.    NFL Mobile App. Besides the Fox Sports Go App, you can also watch the game through the NFL Mobile App. You can download this app if you are a Verizon user. You can download this app and pay $5 each month to watch live Monday, Thursday, and Sunday night games video streams. This app has shown the Super Bowl and its half time show for the past two years. 

3.    Sirius XM NFL Radio. If you do not have access to the internet, the first two options may not work for you. Sirius XM users can download the app to listen live to the game through the SiriusXM NFL Radio. You have to pay $3.5 a month for internet access. If you are not a user yet, you have to pay $14.49 a month for a Sirius Select package and an additional $3.50 monthly internet access. To avail this app, you must have the satellite radio hardware. You won’t be able to see the action, but you will hear the exact details of the big game with this app.

4.    Super Bowl host Westwood One. If you do not have a Smartphone, tablet, satellite radio hardware, or if you simply don’t want to pay, you can dial in on the AM radio. The best AM radio station you can tune in to is the Westwood One, which has a station all over the United States of America. SiriusXM and Westwood One will have the play-by-play game coverage by Kevin Harlan and Boomer Esiason.

5. If you have your laptop, desktop or tablet, you can go to to have a live streaming of Super Bowl 2014 on February 2, 2014. There is a big possibility that Fox will also have an on-demand playback of the commercials, for those die hard ad fans of the game. CBS hosted an on-demand playback for the Super Bowl 2013 commercials and gave fans a chance to comment about them on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. CBS offered the “All-22” view and the “Fan Choice” camera last year to give people their own screen where they can toggle between various camera angles to have a better look at the plays, the players, and the cheerleaders.

Last Year’s Record Breaking Live Online Streaming and more

Super Bowl 2013 was able to set a new record for the most viewership for a single-game sporting event in the USA. This was achieved with technology advancements including and Verizon’s live stream through NFL Mobile was also a big factor in achieving the record-breaking viewership. Last year’s game was also considered as having the most social telecast in history. Live stream viewers of the match last year reached a whopping 114.4 million, which is a 46 percent increase from 2011’s Super Bowl.

Beyonce’s performance during the half-time was also another big factor that gave the largest recorded audience. Her performance was the first time that a Super Bowl halftime performance was streamed online in America. This year the Grammy Award winner, R&B singer Bruno Mars will be serenading the gridiron in the Super Bowl 2014. That number is like the comments garnered by the 2012 Grammy Awards multiplied by three.

Last year’s Super Bowl definitely broke a lot of records and set a new and higher standard. The 2013 game utilized the power of technological advancements to gain viewership of great proportions. Now, that the game will be held in New Jersey with market audiences mostly coming from New York, people are anticipating what records will host Fox break and what surprises does Fox have up its sleeves for the audiences.


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