Fox broadcast network and Super Bowl 2014

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Fox broadcast network has already sold out the entire Super Bowl ad spots two months before the big game on February 2, 2014. According to media buyers the 30-second slots would cost up to $4 million. The game will be held at East Rutherford, New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium.

Fox Sports Executive Producer Neil Mulcahy said even if the in-game ad slots are already sold out, there are still many opportunities for companies and marketers to promote their brands. is one of the avenues where companies can still advertise their brands. The official digital stream of Fox network that would accompany the game has sold over 50 percent of ad slots.

The truth is, the companies that broadcast Super Bowl, don’t really close down the window on the big games commercial sales. Companies that have the right to broadcast the game are NBS, CBS, and Fox. These networks follow a rotating basis in broadcasting the game. There are instances when advertisers would back out and ask the network to just give the slot to another brand. This would also open up another chance for other brands to include their promotional material in the big game. Advertisement slots for the big game are limited to only 65 30-second commercials. That is about 32 minutes and 30 seconds worth of the game’s time. However, there will always be chances when the network opens up a room for one more brands.

Fox Sports 1

Fox network launched August 17 this year a new cable sports channel called Fox Sports 1. This channel, however, will not be broadcasting the Super Bowl 2014. But, the executives of Fox are making sure that this outlet will get a chunk from the big bucks coming in from the Super Bowl 2014 commercials.

Fox Sports 1 is a sister company of Fox Broadcast Network, the network that will broadcast the game. According to media buyers, for companies and marketers to have their brands advertised during the game’s broadcast, they are required to buy time slots from other Fox Sports outlets, especially Fox Sports 1. This new Fox outlet broadcasted to over 90 million viewers with over 5,000 hours worth of program time last August. This channel broadcasted college basketball, college football, soccer, UFC, and NASCAR.

Using the Super Bowl to gain advertisement and income for other media outlets under the network broadcasting the event is a normal thing, according to media buyers. Even NBC and CBS did the same thing where they tied up the game’s advertisements to time slots in their other media content. Supporting other properties to be able to buy into the game ad slots has been happening for the past two years. According to media buyers, this has happened two years ago with NBC, it also happened during the Super Bowl 2013 with CBS, and now, Fox is doing the same thing.

Skyrocketing viewership gives new value to ad spots

Advertisers have given Super Bowl commercial slots a new and higher value. This is due to the significantly increasing viewership of the big game each year. The skyrocketing viewership is due to the fast advancing technologies including digital video recorders, video on demand, online outlets, and mobile devices. These factors make Super Bowl one of the TV properties that remain to draw multitudes of audiences that are almost impossible to duplicate with other media events. Last year’s Super Bowl with CBS garnered some 108.41 million viewers, while NBC the year before that got some 111.3 million viewers. Viewers who stream the big game, however, will not be able to see the same advertisements showcased during the event, according to Fox Sports senior producer Marla Newman.  

Fox Network Social Bowl

Putting up advertisement contests is becoming a trending strategy for the Super Bowl 2014 commercial. Fox saw this as an opportunity for more profit, but at the same time give marketers a chance to promote their brands in a different manner. Fox put up a gimmick called Social Bowl, which is an ad competition where marketing companies will submit a 30-second ad that will be viewed and voted by fans in social media, thus the word “Social.”

According to Fox Sports, the contest is more of a give away ad slot on the Super Bowl 2014. The ad will not be aired during the game, because according to Fox executives, the ad spots for that time slot is already sold out. Rather, the winning ads will be shown at 5 p.m. Eastern Time in the pre-game show. The pre-game show ad value costs up to $850,000.

Companies and marketers who want to advertise their brands through this contest must submit their proposed ads to the Fox network and pay $150,000 as an entry fee. Anyone from football fans to ad fans who has access to social media will then vote for these ads. They can go to platforms such as YouTube and Fox Sports Website. The social media voting campaign for the ads will start on January.

According to Fox Sports’ Mulcahy, they will be putting a few million dollars to the media surrounding this contest. He said Social Bowl is an experiment that spurred from the fact that the excitement about who is buying Super Bowl ads is building earlier each year. This hoopla about who is buying ads is becoming a trend. This is a great avenue for advertisers to promote their brands through social media like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and YouTube.

Big time marketers can, however, join this contest. This means, it will be more exciting since major brands and brands unheard of will battle it out for a slot in the big game. Besides the grand prize of having a free slot in the Super Bowl 2014 commercials, there will be prizes for different categories too. Some of these categories include most viral commercial or funniest ad. This is definitely an amazing avenue for both big and small marketers have a shot in advertising their brands in the upcoming annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL).


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