2014 Super Bowl Car Commercials

Monday, December 16, 2013

Major brands of auto manufacturers usually release a series of new car commercials. These big car players save up their best ad for the Super Bowl, the biggest television event of the year where over a hundred million people will be watching. Just two months before the big game on February 2, 2014, Fox network has announced that the ads for the game have already been sold out. Each ad would cost advertisers up to $4 million for every 30-second spot. Yes, there is a big chunk of people from the game’s fans that makes it a tradition to anticipate what commercials will be shown during the game at MetLife Stadium, New Jersey. But the question itself, is a four-million-dollar worth advertisement slot worth it? Does it really help with the sales of whatever new car that certain company is promoting?

Super Bowl commercials influence buyers

Giant car companies have already built a strong brand for their cars. So, why do they still need the promotional opportunity given by the Super Bowl? Perhaps, there really are numerous people watching that game whose buying decision will be affected by the ads. Or, maybe it raises the standard of whichever auto company is included in the game, like a reputation they have to protect. When people see the ads in the big game, will they say, “I want to buy that car,” or “that car company probably has high quality cars and is trusted?”

Hyundai will have two advertisements

Hyundai had multiple commercials in the last Super Bowl. “Team” was the fans’ favorite Hyundai commercial out of the five that they showcased during the 2013 big game. The ads had a cute story of a boy, who was bullied in a pickup football game, and then he recruits a bunch of super kids in his neighborhood for an epic get back.  Hyundai marketing vice president Steve Shannon said this is the seventh consecutive year that the car company will be advertised in the big game. From five ads at in the last Super Bowl, Hyundai will only be showing two advertisements for the 2014 big game, he said. He did not share yet what the two advertisements for the upcoming big game will be like. Why did they spend $8 million to have two ad spots in the big game? Well, Shannon said, the Super Bowl is the best stage for them to showcase their brand and their cars.

Super Bowl 2014 very timely for Chevy’s aggressive roll out

Chevy is back after being absent from the commercial scene of 2013’s Super Bowl. General Motors’ Chevrolet made the headline as they become the first major auto company to have a female head by hiring CEO Mary Barra. The company also fired CMO Joel Ewanick for deciding not to advertise in the 2013 Super Bowl. They also plan to release some 12 new cars and trucks on 2013 and 2014.  According to the company’s global chief marketing officer, the timing for the 2014 Super Bowl is perfect, due to the aggressive car roll out that they are executing.

Jaguar takes villain theme for their debut Super Bowl ad

Reports are coming in that Jaguar’s first time appearance in the Super Bowl ad arena will feature a villain that might look like someone who just came out of a James Bond movie or an Austin Powers movie. The car company’s first appearance in the big game will be promoting its new F-Type Coupe. According to the company’s brand vice president Jeff Curry, well-known British actors will be playing the characters in the commercial with director Tom Hooper. Hooper is the British director who bagged the 2011 Academy Awards for Best Director for his movie “The King’s Speech.”

Kia will promote its K900

This year will be the fifth time in a row that Kia will be advertised in the Super Bowl. K900 will have a $50,000 starting sticker price during its release in early 2014. Though most people are anticipating ads from Bud Light or GoDaddy, but the release of K900 is a big thing. Super Bowl 2014 is the best place for Kia to promote its most luxurious car yet. But fans can’t deny that Kia also had great advertisements in the big game before, like the commercial where a father explains to his son where babies come from. Another amazing ad that Kia has showcased is the hot bots were a guy who was making fun of the car displayed got an epic wedgie from a hot bot chick. That advertisement’s theme was “Respect the Tech.”

Lesser car commercials for 2014 Super Bowl

2013’s Super Bowl got 8 car commercials, for the upcoming big game, there are only four. Some of the cars hat won’t be seen in the 2014 game include:
-    Volkswagen had a commercial in 2013 where the beetle car transformed its owner to a happy-go-lucky, “no worries” person, with a thick Jamaican accent, even though he is from Minnesota. Unfortunately, this maker of funny commercials won’t be around this 2014.

-    Audi won’t be around for 2014 neither. Its 2013 advertisement “prom” was unforgettable. A lot of people considered that commercial as the best car ads in history. That ad featured a boy facing his fears, and even with a black eye, he looked pretty fulfilled as he drove his father’s Audi. 

-    Besides these two, there are other cars that won’t be advertising in the 2014 Super Bowl such as Mercedes, Lincoln, Jeep, Ram and Toyota.

Is it worth it? For cars that have been advertised at the Super Bowl for five to seven consecutive years, it probably is. Now with the quintessentially British car brand Jaguar, the big games commercial is definitely gaining new advertising. Effectivity in raising sales is definitely one of the main reasons for that. Fans would definitely have fun with those ads. One thing is for sure, fans will definitely have fun with the car ads that will be featured in the 2014 Super Bowl.


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