Who will be the next ad to be at the spot of the most expensive commercial airtime of the year?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The most marvelous and extravagant event of 2014 continues causing people’s heart beats to stop. Every challenge has to conquer. Super Bowl 2014 will show us the greatness and braveness of different countries, selling Doritos chips, representing their own piece of commercial ad. Have you ever wondered what genres will they portray? Will exceed the expectation of the public? Who will win? Well, let’s keep our eye for who will win the Super Bowl 2014 commercial ad challenge.

Have you watched the previous Super Bowl videos? Let’s take a snap for the few inhibit respiration of Super Bowl’s video ad of 2013. Few of the Super Bowl participants have a very enthusiastic brilliant advertisement. Doritos, having many commercial advertisements during the Super Bowl, exceeds the expectation of the world. There are many video ads for Doritos. Most of it is definitely and absolutely makes the world go harebrained. Participants for Doritos have the same minds of those of Albert Einstein. They take the ad as a daily routine. The concept is very clear and perceptive. It was short but full of substance. Accountants call it “Substance over Form”. Doritos founded the Super Bowl together with Pepsi Company. The purpose of which is to encourage the business owners to show what they’ve got. That they can change the business industry and they will give change a chance. Doritos is selling delightful potato chips. They want to know how their customers enjoy the chips and Doritos would want to be part of their customer’s life.

Mentioning the two famous international car brands KIA and HYUNDAI also shows off their witty concept of commercial ad. KIA’s commercial shows a mundane conversation between a son and a father inside the glossy car in which the son asked his father where the “babies” came from! And to avoid telling his son about the truth of where babies really came from, his father tells a story instead about a baby planet called “Babylandia” by which different kinds of babies are found and that planet annually launched a rocket full of babies to Earth! Look how funny the commercial is. We know from this concept that KIA’s target audience is a family. Choosing the right audience is a crucial part of the entity. Your product should fit the audience preference. You must identify “who” are those audiences that will surely patronize your product or service you offer. Another fun piece is HYUNDAI’s commercial. In this ad, bullying is the main concept. Here, a group of boys playing football bullies one of their playmates. Without knowing the boy has many physically short medium-sized friends that jobs are same with masculine men. Together with his mother, they drove fast like a bullet train to get those friends of his. Imagine! Those kids can put down a bear! A very small kid can carry a heavy old man! These ads show how a HYUNDAI car is very comfortable and can load a number of people. How great it is.

Oreo is one of the Super Bowl participants who nailed their video ad onto the public. If you haven’t seen the commercial ad then you must watch it. Oreo is just definitely a round sandwich cookie with cream in between. But BOOM! Oreo is so unpredictable. They have so many competitors all over the world but people love their sandwich cookie. Innovation and strategy is the key. Look at their commercial ad, it was very pretty amazing. See how people argue on that video. They were arguing between a cookie and a cream leading to a destruction of the library, the soundless place in town. People hurting each other just to make others believe that their cookie or cream is the best. With that, Oreo is the only choice. It’s cookie or cream. Make your choice their choice. What you have is what they have. No choice, only Oreo. 

There were more participants who shared their ads and one of the famous shoe sport brand is Sketchers. SKETCHERS, made impossible things happen. Fact is fact. Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. No doubt. But this ad is just so amazing that if you wear a sketcher shoe, you can run as fast as the cheetah and take note, faster than the cheetah! That was indeed a standing ovation for sketchers. Look how creative their commercial is. How fantastically superb the commercial they made.

One of the commercial that gains a lot of attention in the Super Bowl contest is the ad of Taco bell. Can you imagine the wrinkled gray-haired old people go out each night to have a party? Unbelievable isn’t it? These wrinkled old people were doing their “jackass” thing. They go to swimming. They put tattoos on their skin and having a midnight picnic at the street while drinking beer. That made the audience dropped their jaws. Well I can’t imagine my grandparents doing this kind of hilarious behavior. But indeed, it catches the attention of everyone. That’s the important thing. You catch their attention. You made them curious about your product. How your product can change the lives of people.  This ad is a big hit. Because normally only few business hires old men to be their endorsers! And we all know that old people have a leafy weak body that they’re only found inside the house but look what Taco Bell did. That was a very innovative and creative piece of idea. Taco Bell thinks beyond the imaginary world. Super Bowl contest is indeed an extraordinary event. See how participants magnificently prepare their piece.

With different commercial advertisement entries this coming Super Bowl 2014, we cannot deny the fact that participants feel excited and anxious for the day of judgment will be this coming 2nd day of February 2014. For the information of everybody, the Super Bowl is held annually. Commercial airtime considered to be as the most expensive of the year. There are few more days to go before the announcement of who survive the biggest challenge of 2014. Voters of the commercial ad are also having a hard time choosing the best among beast contender of Super Bowl 2014.


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