The awe-inspiring cheerleaders of Ravens and 49ers in the recent Super Bowl 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The preparation of two cheerleading team was in fact a calvary. The battle between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers was not only for the football teams but also for the cheering teams. The battle for the cheerleaders is who has the sexiest cheerleading crew. Despite of their busy hectic personal schedules and matters, the cheerleaders were very focused and sincere to win the game. 

Members of different teams as we have seen were not just mere cheerleaders but they also wanted to be leaders and professionals in their own way. Both members of each team came from different States, Colleges and Universities taking their own respective chosen field while some were already graduated and currently having their own jobs. Members of each team were very amazing knowing the fact that they have something left on their lives yet they want to pursue the cheerleading and sincerely performing it with the crowd. Families and friends of these cheerleaders were obviously proud of them. With their enchanting beauty and charismatic smile for every cheer, they will surely catch the attention of the viewers.

Getting to know the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders
Kicking things up, Baltimore Raven’s cheerleader blonde Spencer is a communications project specialist at John Hopkins University. Next is Serena, a full time student at the Community College of Baltimore. Sammi Jo is a science teacher and a cheerleading coach. Lindsey is a full time student who hopes that one day to be a dental hygienist. Keishawna from Morgan State University currently works as an assistant Project manager. The Raven cheerleaders were undoubtedly brilliant, beautiful and attractive. Knowing the Ravens cheerleaders who represent the team in the Super Bowl 2013, there is this one who didn’t make to the finals.

Seniority, performance ability, and personal conduct were the three criteria to be based upon in selecting a cheerleader throughout the season said Heather Harness, the spokesperson of the Baltimore Ravens. Courtney Lenz has been cheering to the Baltimore Ravens since she was 18 years old. The 23-year old beauty said that she has been a dedicated teen member from the start. Lenz for being a 5-year member of the Raven’s Cheerleading was being cast out for the Super Bowl 2013. Due from gaining 1.6 lbs in weekly weighing last fall, her coaching staff took disciplinary action. “It was a slap on my face” said Lenz expressing her feelings for the said action. The coaching staff required her to see a nutritionist and do counseling and all out of pocket. Lenz wants to finish out the year and she doesn’t want her teammates to fall down. Fortunately, Baltimore Ravens is heading to the Super Bowl from which 32 members out of 60 were chosen from the cheering squad will go to New Orleans and despite her seniority, Lenz was not one of them.

Lenz’s fans created a petition through social networking site for her to still join and lead the squad in the Super Bowl. However, despite of her fan’s petition Lenz was still not allowed to join her teammates. As for Lenz, she was tasked to surrender her uniforms and dashing her Super Bowldream. Even though she didn’t make to the Super Bowl 2013, the love and support done for her fans means to her and she will take it with her. The cheerleading image ought to be taken care of. In that field, the body is the asset and it should be maintained. Gaining 1.6 lbs is a very big deal for the coaching staff. Having this weight will definitely cause unbalancing of movements that will lead to a mess. Cheerleading squad stunts are very entertaining yet very dangerous. Good balancing of their body is the best for them to perform the stunts. The reason for her gaining weight was not exposed. Many concerned fans were asking why and how she gained 1.6 lbs. Courtney Lenz even posed for the Baltimore Raven’s calendar showing her sexy fit body. Lenz performance for the past years was undeniably awe-inspiring. She gives an overwhelming synchronize moves to the Raven fans. Many fans of hers were very sad knowing that she couldn’t make the Super Bowl in which it is the awaited moment for the cheerleading team to perform. The veteran member of Raven’s will no longer be part of the Super Bowl 2013

The San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders
The top caliber of San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders is up on their way. Marissa has a degree in psychology and hope to get a masters degree in counseling and a PhD in a higher education and administration. Rachel is a battery test engineer who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in chemical engineering. Antonia lives in Sierra, Nevada who graduated in Journalism with a minor in dance. She is a media account executive. Another cheerleader from 49ers Ali Gaube instead of her studying her exams she was very busy preparing for the Super Bowl 2013. She said that it was like an adrenaline rush and cannot be taken for granted. Their practice was very intense but fun. She said she never got tired from practicing all over and over again just to have a perfect cheerleading performance from the recent Super Bowl 2013. Also from 49ers, Inna Shevchenko said that the Super Bowl 2013 was the moment they had been waiting for. She at that time was a graduating student but instead of preparing for her graduation, there she was busy preparing for the Super Bowl 2013. The 49ers cheerleaders were not allowed to eat deep-fried foods to be able to maintain their perfectly fit body and weight.

Both teams have the guts and the looks. They both have a hot cheering squad. Both teams represent their football teams. They are the muses, the beauty and the heart of the team. With different preparation both teams have, they only have a goal and that goal is to win the National Football League Super Bowl 2013.


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