Super Bowl’s Blackout: Who’s to Blame?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The blackout happened recently on Super Bowl 2013 last September is still questionable. The Entergy Storm Center, that provides power for all the regions of New Orleans, said that there were no interruptions happened during the game. This statement gives curiosity to the viewers. The game was delayed in the third quarter due to power failure. Even Mercedez-Benz Superdome was never interrupted by the blackout. Who is responsible for the blackout scenario during the bloody football game? Officials said that the power failure was due to the Superdome’s facility that caused the Superdome on its 34 minute darkness. During the lights were off, Superdome crews were rolling here and there to put the problem in control. Correspondent Armen Keteyian said that when the lights went off they are in places they have never been and seen things they’ve never seen before. Crews are doing their best to cover up the situation. One thing for sure is that the crew never forgets their responsibilities in a situation like that. Viewers who witnessed the blackout thought that the game might end if they can’t solve the problem. However, some of the viewers were having conclusions of the scenario. Viewers said that there must be something fishy happening out there. What they meant was that the opportunity to cheat and make the game bias. 

Going back to the Super Bowl XLVII, it was the Baltimore Ravens who won the game. New Orleans is from New Orleans. The victory of New Orleans will bring them unexpected turn over of income from the tourism itself. With their victory is the exposure of their city. It will be expected to be more visited places in the world. The reported expenditures of Super Bowl 2013 amounted to $480 Million. Come to think of it, is this just a coincidence or a mere evidence of cheating? The place where you can find darkness on the streets, ghosts, voodoo dolls, gates were creeping and the haunted old house is New Orleans. Superdome personnel are currently identifying the problems that caused the blackout to happen. They said they will look up to it. What do you think was happening during the lights were off? Can you imagine those invisible movements happening down there? Only those guilty knows. Bernard Pollard stated that thirty years from now, National Football League will no longer exist. What might be the reason for him to have a statement like this? Was there really dirty things happened? 

John Palmer, a forensic engineer who investigated the power interruption during the Super Bowl 2013 held in New Orleans blame the problem to the misoperation of the device used that is part of an electric switchgear near the stadium. He said that the device was set incorrectly. The misoperation occurred is due to the unreported instability of the pickup setting. With here, communication was not achieved. Communication as we all know is important and should be done. The setting for the device was quite confusing and ambiguous. This problem for them might be the reason for the interruption. However, the personnel of the Mercedez-Benz Superdome apologized for what happened. The good thing is that Entergy shoulder the cost of the investigation and will not charge it to the customers. That is the good response they should do. The cost they will shoulder is definitely being covered by the income they will earn as the new Orleans change its fate.

Millions of audiences watched the Football game. The income that the Superdome had earned from these viewers was enough to settle and repair the damaged that caused the delay. This unpredicted issue in the SuperBowl will be the reflection for them to organize and manage things accordingly. The misopearation stated by the forensic engineer was merely not the main reason of the problem. The management itself has its hole. There is what we call a control risk, the risk of the management’s internal control that they did not give attention is the. Lack of communication and supervision was the fault of the Superdome personnel and the cause of the interruption. Looking into the Entergy’s point of view, they did what they need to do. But whoever is the responsible for this problem should learn from its mistake. The management of Mercedez-Benz Superdome must not let this thing happen again for it will give them another problem and might really be the reason for its existence to be eliminated.

Super Bowl 2014 is yet to come and Superdome officials stated that they will be careful on handling things and will make sure that everything is under control. The blackout happened in Super Bowl 2013 said the Entergy will no longer be the problem in Super Bowl XVLIII next year. Everyone can rest assured that things will be safe. In regards to the other issues during Super Bowl 2013 will be investigated. Viewers can watch their favorite team with no worries. They can continue to shout by cheering on their best players and experience the thrill inside the dome. In the next season of Super Bowl, who will going to bring the fame and to be hailed as the best of all Football Teams of the year.

People watching the game hope that it will be a clean match between the teams. Sportsmanship is a must. Even those people behind the SuperBowl should attain and practice professionalism. Clean and safe game is what people wanted. The preparation for the next year’s match will be more intense. Another speculation will come out. The best thing is yet to achieve.

Even Olympus cannot predict the fallen of its kingdom. Since 1967, Super Bowl was held successfully. However, when there is smoke, there is fire. Even though Super Bowl will end its season every year with a success there are still issues to clear up. Issues are inevitable. It will come unexpectedly. In case of the Super Bowl, a lot of issues were remained unsettled and still questionable up to now. Then after, the Super Bowl issues came to a feast.


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