Super Bowl: Perfectly Unleashing the Best in Life

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Bowl 2014 --- Another inhibit respiration event opened by Doritos in partnership with Pepsi company that is now being promoted all over the countries across the globe in which it gives an adrenaline rush to every business who wish to join the competition. The said competition is open to all 45 countries whose selling the Doritos chips. The competition has different categories and one of it is the digital category in which participants should entail great creativity of doing a film that will put them on the edge to be in the finals. Each of the participants is required to submit a very high with good quality commercial ad and might be aggregated to 15,000 entries and only those 20 participants are chosen to continue the votes. The small business Big game is also part of the competition in which they will forward the winner to be aired on the 2nd day of February 2014.

This competition is not just a mundane one because it is highly promoted through the media and those famous Social Networking Sites (SNS) of today’s generation. Famous networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are being used as a tool in diffuse information about the competition and the voting tool for those who want to join the competition. As a matter of fact, these social networks are used to do the voting online, do the statistics and demand of the public. Most teens in this era are using high end gadgets with applications on it in which they can use for surfing, playing online games, and reading news through online news centers. With this networking site, the campaign of Doritos for its expansion as one of its objection leads to redesigning it package to look more coherent in all countries all over the world. Having the eagle’s eye for the big prizes, those people that are willing to join the competition should not just be confident because this competition is not going to be easy to win. Participants are not given a simple task but they are given mind blowing and nerve breaking challenge that they need to overcome to be the deserving winner of the 1 million prize from the people’s votes. Those four from the 20 finalists with the highest votes from the public and votes from the Doritos marketing team will be allowed to move into the finals. The finalists are one step closer to their dreams. 

The makers of the creative commercial ads will have a chance to work with the set of the upcoming movie of “Marvel”. A consolation prize of 50,000 is for the declared runner up for this competition. Many prizes awaits for the hailed winner. A truly life-changing competition that will lead to the path of success. The primary objective of this competition is to promote the product all over the globe and expand partnership and joint ventures with other company building camaraderie for those countries that will be participating. The Super Bowl will make one’s life at stake. The remaining four participants will definitely use their brains to survive the challenge with a game-changing trick. Many business owners said that the competition is not easy to win. They need to be wise and smart to surpass the challenge. They have to undergo many challenges that will test their capabilities to win the match. Stories of businessmen from rags to riches will inspire new owners to be positive and never give up on life’s devastation. The fate of the participants will change giving them no clue what will be the next wall they going to break. Participants should believe on their own strengths and fight their weaknesses to redeem the world of success. 

Many people who will join the competition submitted already their ads with different stories, genres, and meaning. Commercial ads have a great impact on every business it advertises. It is very influential especially when the company uses an influential person in its ad. Advertising, as one of the famous media tools for marketing a business, needs to be more appealing to the public and should choose wisely who should be the target market of it. Companies will spend more expense on their advertising to earn more profit in the future. With advertising you let the public know what product, service, ideas or thoughts, and events you are selling. Most of the videos are very attractive and catchy to the eyes of everyone. Some are funny, inspiring, thrilling and wild. Voters have different perception on the videos being submitted. Through them, we will know who can pass the eye of a perfectionist. Voters will surely have the dilemma who will to vote to be the Super Bowl 2014 winner.

The submitted videos will be uploaded to this Small Business Big Game website ( and this website is open to the public for viewing of videos and voting.  On this website people can vote for the first, second and third place and in the fourth place it will be the 8000 employees of Doritos who will vote to determine the fourth placer who will complete the final four. On November 11, the voting result for the final four will be announced and it will open again to award the winner of 1 million pesos that will be on December 1, 2013.

The votes of the public are highly appreciated and needed for the fact that their votes will determine who will stand out and who will be the best among the Beast contender of Super Bowl 2014. The public will choose who deserve to win the battle. Who among the four finalists will survive and who will be the Super Bowl survivor. The D-day has yet to come. Participants must showcase their skills and talents. Show the creativity in many ways. Finalists should grab the opportunity to unleash their abilities more than anyone else. Even though this is a competition but finalists should keep in their minds the fairness, patience, manners and professionalism in their ways. Show the world what you’ve got. Be the best among the best.


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