Prognosticating the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XLVIII

Saturday, November 16, 2013

“The MVP Award goes to…” the statement that will give a frozen feeling to the viewers. The MVP Award is annually presented to the chosen player from a different team players of American Football. The voting will be from the panel which composes of 16 writers of American Football and a fan. The chosen MVP should gain 80% votes from the panel and 20% votes from the viewers. The votes can be done through the internet or by cellular phones. The hailed MVP will be exhibited by the SPORT magazine. Since 1967, where the first Super Bowl was held, there has been 42 MVP Award handed to the players. The first two Super Bowl MVP award was given to Bart Starr. The most recent Super Bowl XLVII MVP award was Joe Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens. The only player who has won the three consecutive MVP award is Joe Montana. They apparently have the same name. While other players like Charley Haley also won the Most Championship awards as a player from Super Bowl XXIII, XXIV, XXVII, XXVII, and XXX. Ken Norton Jr. won the Most Consecutive Championship as a player award from the Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII, and XXIX. Ray Lewis, from the Baltimore Ravens, won the Most Time between Championships as a player for 12 seasons. 

The American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game will face the hailed winner of the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Game. The competition itself is a tough one. Football needs a full pack strength of the physical and mental ability. Players of the said sport have to undergo many sturdy practices to win the game. Wearing those armored uniform already took some of their strength. Every team has a goal to win the game. The hardships that they gain from practicing and playing the game will cost a lot. They have to represent their city. The investment made to the team will cost an investor with almost half of its wealth just to win the game and gain 5x of its investment. Even sport is a business. Everything is business. There should be earnings of every investment. Super Bowl definitely has many investors and sponsors too. Choosing a Most Valuable Player is never an easy thing. All players do their respective roles in the game. Viewers should be wise and be a critical thinker of who will to choose between the players. Viewers have their different bet of teams. For the winning team, panels and viewers will vote for the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player of the season.

Among the different sports of the world, Football is said to be the most expensive game. Even its airtime is considered to be expensive. The slots of commercial ads being presented are expensive. Super Bowl has a lot of sponsors. They were the ones to cover the expenses of those players and performers. In return their will gain more attention from the people watching the game. The hailed Most Valuable Player will have mixed emotions especially if it’s an award for the football game. Many football players even though they were not hailed as the Most Valuable Player were very popular among countries. The skills of football players are highly recognized and appreciated. 

Top 10 Most Popular NFL Player on the Internet
If you asked those fans who watched the football game if who among the players does the best, they probably have different answers. Fans will rank them according to the players’ popularity and some of them will rank the players according to their performance during the game. Ranking the players is viral on the internet. Fans will make a survey of the social networking sites for those players for them are the best. The top 10 Most Popular NFL players or team on the internet shows that from the top 10 to top 1 is Cam Newton with his 259 points, Eli Manning with 264 points, Aaron Rodgers and Chris Johnson with274 points, Drew Brees, the highest salaried player in NFL in history and Reegie Bush with 281 points, Peyton Manning with 290 points, Tim Tebow who has the most elusive quarterback in history with 291 points, and Tom Brandy who never hovers handed in his life with 293 points.

These top 10 National Football League players from the internet are chosen by their fans according to popularity. Still, the said top 10 is just for a specified website. Another website has its own ranking of the top 10 Most Popular NFL players. Even individual fans have their own ranking. Controversies from the football players will definitely have a big impact to their popularity and probably will decrease their votes from their fans. People will not just look into the performance of the players during the game but also on their personal issues. Even the behavior and character of a player is a big deal to their fans.

It’s not easy to be a player in football or even a player in any sports. Experts said that when you become a famous player, people around the world who knows your existence will do have a research on your personal matters. Well, players are not just the ones who have this scenario but also the celebrities. However, people have higher expectations to the players than the celebrities. Players need to be careful not to get injured or get into any scandal or else they will going to be just an ordinary player from a town. The Prognosticating Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XLVIII should be deserving of his award and should be a pro to humanity and must be a good role model to those who want to be a football player. These popular player’s actions are noticeable by everyone and followed by those who idolized them. They are very influential to people especially to the viewers of American Football games. They must be very careful of their actions not to do any unnecessary behavior that would lead from brightness to darkness. Being famous is not bad but putting it to head is very dangerous.


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