Fantastic Entries crashed Dorito’s 2014 Super bowl Contest

Friday, November 8, 2013

Doritos is food manufacturing company that holds annual super bowl camp. This year’s Super Bowl camp highlight is the commercial advertisement contest. A contest that is open to all 46 (Mexico, United States, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil, Norway, France, Finland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia, Egypt, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Panama, and Jamaica) countries where the said brand operates and dispenses products. Consumers are encouraged to join and submit a video entry. The entry is composed of a logical thought: may it be dramatic, humorous, tragic, melodramatic, fantasy, sci-fi, action, horror or even comedy themed commercial advertisement of Doritos chips. The general rule for the contest are: make an advertisement using Doritos chips, catch the of the viewers, gain million views on YouTube, leave a crisp and unique clutch to the audience to buy Doritos, tell about the chips and most of all impress the executives and the entertainment staffs of Doritos Company that would elevate your entry a favor.

What are you going to do?

Step #1: Get a piece of paper and pen to draft all of the ideas you wanted to project on the commercial. Brainstorm with your friends, family or even workmates on how making a twist on the story that would blow everybody who are watching.

Step #2: Get your video camera; make sure it has a good quality lenses so that it won’t look like a blur when edited for further effects. Make sure you use a tripod or any stable platform where you can assure that the video you are taking is not shocking or unpleasant to the vision. Also consider lightings and props to make your production sophisticated and realistic.

Step #3: Train yourself to be a good artist that you won’t look like a clumsy and corny actor/ actress. Before taking a scene in your advertisement make sure that you already rehearsed the sequence, gesture lines and other essential elements of your taping. And also if you are delivering line make sure you are pronouncing it well.

Step #4: Edit the video. Remove the unnecessary scenes that won’t complement to the other scenes. Also when venturing to special effects make sure that you are hiring the right graphic artist because he might say he’s an expert yet his performance is far disappointing than the expected. Make catchy lines or impose unforgettable statements that would distinguish your entry form others. Avoid copying the same video story or sequence because originality is a must. Don’t forget that the subject is Doritos and nothing more or nothing less. The chips must be highlighted or placed at the center of attention.

Step #5: Upload your video to the website where video must be sent Remember the deadline before submission because considered as valid. The deadline of submission of entries will be on the 24th day of November 2013. And entries beyond the date stated are no longer accepted as an entry in the 2014 Super bowl contest.

Step #6: Share your videos to your friends, family and tell them to share it with their friends so that there would be a lot of more viewers to come and watch your video. The contest has begun last October 8 so therefore there are other entries that are advancing in views. The most effective thing you do is to share your videos to different social media to hasten the increase of views and also to come from the days you have not yet posted you video. So the magic word for this step is “Double time.”

Doritos in partnership with Pepsi Company continues to spread the news through digital medium that super bowl has finally opened. Through this competition, Doritos will extend their market target and also to have joint arrangements with other corporations on different countries that are not yet reached by the Doritos marketing executives.

Before the final awarding of prizes, these 5 finalists are chosen by the executives and marvel studios entertainment that created several animation movies like Spiderman, Ironman and etc. that managed to overcrowd movie houses through their exceptional movie storyline and graphics.

The prize for the chosen winner is no joke. And actually the amount at stake is fixed 1 million USD and 25,000 USD for the consolation prize. In choosing the winner of the commercial advertisement competition, 15 semi-finalists will receive $1,000 USD each. And after that eliminating the 10 semi-finalists, 5 finalists will be declared for the last battle of voting to the public and Executives of Doritos Company. On the final night, 2 winners will be selected to air their commercial ad (1) will be chosen by the Doritos executives and the other (1) will be chosen by the public who garnered the top-highest vote. The three grand prize non-winners will receive $25,000 and a round trip ticket to East Rutherford, New Jersey on February 2, 2014 during the Super bowl grand night. And also this trip covers a 5-night accommodation and $50 per diem / person.

The second prize on the final two will receive a $50,000 consolation prize plus a round trip ticket to East Rutherford, New Jersey as a guest on the grand night super bowl on February 2, 2014 with $50 per diem / person on a 5-night accommodation. And will also get an opportunity to work with the cast of [“Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”]

The ultimate Champion will bag the $1,000,000 USD, plus round trip ticket to East Rutherford, New Jersey as a guest on the grand night super bowl on February 2, 2014 with $50 per diem / person on a 5-night accommodation. And will also get the opportunity to work with the cast of [“Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”] because last year they ventured to the movie Transformers.

And these are the remaining determined countries distributing Doritos are also included in the 46 countries that are encouraged to join the commercial advertisement video contest: Malaysia,  Germany,  New Zealand, Peru, Israel, Turkey, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, Spain, Colombia, Greece, Sweden, United Kingdom and Canada.


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