Crash the Super bowl one shot big time challenge

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

“Who will take this year’s Crash Super Bowl contest $ 1 million pot prize?”---- The ultimate thought that might run in a person’s mind asking about the Super Bowl contest. But actually who will win this year’s contest? And who will rake $1 million USD all the way home? To predict or to asses winner’s characteristics, let’s start from the very root of this competition with a question “When did Doritos Company started or originated the Super Bowl competition.

When was the Super Bowl competition started?

In the year 2006 the history gave birth to the newest life-changing competition established by the Doritos Company. Frito-Lay started the Crash Super Bowl contest in partnership with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (GSP) spearheaded by its promoters and marketing department through advertisement. Consumers of different eligible countries are fastened to create a 30 second clip containing advertisement of the Doritos brand chips. All videos must be screened by the technical directors before the video entries will be uploaded to the competition site which is the During that year, 1,065 entries were uploaded and have the opportunity to join the competition. Five finalists were chosen given a prize of a trip for two in Detroit to watch the Super Bowl XLIon February 2007 with a winning amount of $10,000. All top 5 went to the SuperBowl and they are all situated near at the stadium and all of them are clueless on what video advertisement will be aired.  As the minutes passed by, it was a surprise moment when “Live the Flavor” was the first entry to be aired followed by the “Check out girl”. Live the flavor commercial clip garnered a special award and was featured to be at the top 4 best game commercial in the United States of America ad meter poll.

In the year 2007, the Frito-Lay once again opened its Crash the Super Bowl competition. There was a short twist on the said event because instead of advertisement video pertaining to the product, they will give the floor to the aspiring musicians to craft and to crash the super bowl. Their music will be heard all over the participating countries and the declared winner will have a chance to record music at Interscope Geffen A&M Records. All videos are again screened and uploaded to the site to gain the rich amount of votes. After a month of voting, they declared to be at the top-highest entry in voting garnering 1 million views was the “Message from your heart” video clip. The said video contained a 60 seconds time length and it was Kina Grannis a 22 year girl who produce such top rank music video. Not only that, because the music video was also ranked as top 30 iTunes hit. During the Super Bowl XLII it was aired and subsequently followed by the “Mouse trap” music video clip.

On the year 2008, the set guidelines of the Super Bowl competition went back to its normal stage. The game went back from music video to commercial videos. As years become stronger, organizers of the Super Bowl contest began to be fiercer that of the last year. From $10,000 and two trip tickets to the super bowl, organizer bashed the crowd by its $1 million USD pot prize for the most outstanding commercial video entry. Lots of viewers became courageous to join the competition because as a matter of fact, entries from small thousands ballooned to 1,961 entries. Aside from the pot prize, finalists not including the winner will receive $25,000 USD as a consolation prize. Joe and Dave Herbert of Batesville indeed crashed the Super Bowl because they bagged the $1 million using their “Free Doritos” commercial and it was subsequently followed by the “Power of the Crunch” commercial clip.

In the year 2009, the set of guidelines and instructions remained the same as last year’s. Video commercials are still screened and uploaded to the website but the pot prize became bigger than that of the last year. This year the pot prize ballooned to $1,000,000 $600,000 and $400,000 only if the filmmakers will reach the top 3 spots on the metro ad meter. And also each of the producing teams will get $1 million bonus prize. But in this year’s Super Bowl contest, the directors chose 6 finalists and each of them not including the winner received $25,000 plus trip ticket to the annual Super Bowl contest. "Underdog" commercial clip of a crash the Super Bowl ranked to be the 2nd on the meter ad and automatically they received $600,000 as the corresponding prize.

In the year 2012, Crash the Super Bowl contest has been so crucial to win the pot prize. As prize increases, the difficulty also varies as well as the strict implementation of rules and guidelines. Last year the Doritos Company declared 5 top finalists out of 3,500 video entries. Last year was an intense battle because the winner will have an opportunity to work with the transformers 2 movie set.  Last year’s finalists were as follows:

1."Goat 4 Sale" produced and created by Ben Callner of Atlanta, GA,
2."Road Chip" produced and created by Tyler Dixon of Los Angeles, CA,
3."Fashionista Daddy" produced and created by Mark Freiburger of Los Angeles, CA,
4."Express Checkout"produced and created by Sasha Shemirani of San Diego, CA, and
5."Fetch" produced and created by Joe Taranto of Los Angeles, CA

And also for the first time, the Super Bowl organizers used social networking sites such as Facebook to diversify and to enlarge the coverage of advertisement.

This year’s Super Bowl contest is still ongoing in its determination to award the $1,000,000 to the outstanding and superb film makers. They will choose the top 5 finalists and the top two will receive $1 million and the second will receive $50,000 plus airing their video commercials during the Super Bowl that will be held on February 3, 2014. The other non-winning entries will receive $25,000 each and a trip ticket to New Jersey to watch the Super Bowl competition.


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