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Sunday, November 10, 2013

2014 Doritos Super Bowl is still on going with its video commercial advertisement contest. And lots of more entries are approaching and devouring the site to impress viewers and executives of Doritos. The Super Bowl contest is a battle of the best of the best. Exposing an arena where talented artists and logicians who created various kinds of ideas are embodied uniqueness in marketing Doritos chips. This contest would only last until February 3, 2014 which winners will be announced after subsequent eliminations during 2013. The video clip will only last 30 seconds and must contain crazy or genius content which is relevant in the society nowadays. 

In addition these Super Bowl videos must attack different ages or general ages because if ever chosen to win, this will air as a commercial of Doritos chips. Doritos chips are the main subject of the video commercial and all entrants from the 46 chosen countries are allowed to pick different kinds of video theme. These themes may be an association of jokes, humor, drama, horror or anything as long as no requirements must be neglected. Furthermore, the Super Bowl videos will be posted to YouTube or super bowl sites for public voting. In order to gain the top highest ranking in voting, one must share its supreme quality video to his or her friends, neighbor or any other public domains.

Based on the latest update on Super Bowl entries, the majority of the video clips are humor- themed commercials where fun is the plot that convinces viewers to laugh. Furthermore some of the scenes acted upon were self- humiliation (not in a serious manner), jokers who wouldn’t exchange their chips for something even their lives are endangered, kids making logical and scientific methods to get Doritos chips, granny who’s more apt to eat the chips, mailman, policeman, student, army, camera man craving for Doritos chips and also pets such as dogs and cats who also wants to eat the crispy chips.

In order sceneries and action to be surreal, producers of several Super Bowl clips think different settings according to the story. As for the movie clips available on YouTube and web, the most common settings found in every videos are houses where they sat in front of the television eating chips, backyard with their pets, restaurant with their lovers, parks, schools, forest and streets. Among all of the videos uploaded there’s no setting under the sea, desert, theme parks and kitchens yet ever taped. Perhaps this would give some unique ideas to think about in order to establish great quality of short clips for commercial advertisement.

Another advertisement theme that’s not yet taped and uploaded on youtube are sci-fi movie clip where a movie clip must contain special effects, entertaining high quality graphics, or realistic actions that mostly has a plot of fantasy. To give you a tip on making sci-fi advertisement clip, you should think an idea that is more like to appear in a common setting that viewers may not expect that you have thought about it. For example, you are creating small creatures and they look like ninjas of the night and they are all surveying every corner of your drawer or refrigerators finding stacks of Doritos chips. You can also make videos telling stories about children's stories then you will insert the Doritos chips on the story or any other famous story with your own revision of dialogues but you must insert the Doritos chips on the story. This would be one of the more interesting clip if you would exert an effort making stories like this but your bodies or your physical presence must appear on the video and effects are just add ins.

There are lots of ways to establish humor in the story, if you wanted to become an effective artist portraying a certain character you can rehearse in front of the mirror to inherit convincing gesture. Because on late 1950’s comedians are training their facial expression in front of the mirror to project effective output of emotions. Super Bowl contest is searching for the most iconic kind of commercial because this commercial advertisement costs $1 million USD and perfect, creative and unique advertisement would most likely supersede the existing entries on Super Bowl contest.

 If you wanted to join in this video competition, the super bowl contest is very much willing to open its opportunity for you to join but there are restrictions and guidelines most important to be observed. One of those is the eligibility of the entrant and the entrant must reside or a citizen of 46 countries covered by Doritos Company super bowl contest.

Crash the Super Bowl Contest is an entertaining kind of competition they have ever established because aside from hundreds of entries joining with different joke stories, everything you can see are humorous and worth the 30 seconds play. These commercials are good at times you have troubles and problems in life, where you can laugh in front of your computer. Even just a few minutes you can forget all your worries and problems exchanged by tearful laughs found in different movie clips. If these entertainments will be associated with foods, flavor is the fittest word that can be used because Super Bowl videos contains different flavors and fillings like surprise, suspense, excitement and fun they are all in one that can suffice all your standards. This is a nice place where you can showcase all of your talents and skills and not just that, while sharing what you have got, you earn because there is a great possibility of winning the $1 million.

Share the fun and let the battle of the best continue to bring the house down. The Super Bowl contest is still ongoing and ready to accept entries until November 24, 2013. And subsequent to that date is the announcement of winners. So grab your cameras and join the contest because you might be the one Doritos Company Crash the super bowl contest has been searching.


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