Checking the 2014 Crash the super bowl probable finalists

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The deliberation of the top 15 entries will be on November 24, 2013. These semi-finalists will be given the chance to whack again the big screen and be voted once for an open opportunity to complete the 5 slots for finals. Searching on the advertisement website of Doritos, there were lots of 30 second-fault provoking videos that would entertain you even just for a while. Embodied by different themes like drama, horror, suspense, love story, humor, fun, amazing actions, sci-fi, practical, friendly jokes and etc. that would cleave you from your own seat.

The judges for this year’s Super Bowl competition are not said to be underestimated because they are executives of Doritos Company and they have also guest judges from the $1.5 billion box office hit movie The Avengers director and entertainment department. They are said to be meticulous, intricate and critical in choosing the top contenders using originality, thought and message impact as their criteria in judging. They will also deliberate critically because this is not just a small time program headed by the Doritos marketing Department and $1 million is at stake.

A video speaks thousands of thoughts depending on the viewer’s perception and understanding but all of this boils down into common point which is to choose the right one, the most effective and efficient story with x factor explosion on the big screen. There are a lot of explicit and sophisticated Super Bowl videos and movie caption but these are some of the following that left blank and jovial stares to every social networking viewer.

VIDEO NUMBER 1: Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest 2014: Outhouse Blues

Outhouse Blues is a thirty second clip that shows certain scenery of a construction worker or a foreman assistant. Along the scene, this person was walking towards the comfort room bringing his one pack Doritos chips. Impliedly understanding based on the story, he didn’t ask permission to have a snack break because his boss might get angry with him. So the man alibied to use comfort room but at the back of his mind, he will eat the Doritos chips inside the comfort room. Until he’s inside the Comfort room, he opened the chips and accidentally all of the chips were scattered and some are shoot inside the toiled bowl. That was a clumsy moment for him. Because of his flabbergasting crave on eating Doritos, he will do everything not to waste any of those chips fallen on the ground and on the bowl. As the video passed (Next scene) that man inside the comfort room went out with his mouth full of Doritos chips and something wet that might be the poop on the bowl. And after that, he met his co-worker walking towards him and gestured an awkward and blank stare, staring the mess on his mouth without knowing what happened in the comfort room. This story was quite yucky but who knows what he did inside. There are a lot of Super Bowl stories to tell but all in all it was a humorous ad.

VIDEO NUMBER 2: Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest 2014: Super Ears

This video is a thirty second clip that shows certain scenery about the fancy sleepy dog. This story was quite amusing when the dog reacts to certain crisp sounds. On the story, the dog was exhausted and was no longer interested in playing with his master. So his master understands what’s happening to him so his master or this guy prefers to eat Doritos and read some magazines. A few moments passed by, the dog heard a crispy leaf stepped over by someone walking along the street and the do got a funny reaction with his ears going up. Another scene was when he heard plastics crumpled having the same sound with the crispy Doritos so the same gestures he did uplifting his two ears. And the last was when his master opened the Doritos and ate some chips and the dog heard again those sounds and attempts to stand. But as he attempts to do so, his master asked an apology for having a noise sounds that might disturb his sleeping moment. This Super Bowl movie was a copacetic presentation on how a dog reacts with his environment and it made viewers laugh because all actions he did was superbly natural. 

VIDEO NUMBER 3: Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest 2014: Three Foot Tall

This video is a thirty second clip that shows certain scenery about the two kids having a height of three foot who were amazed with the beautiful and a tall lady sitting on a bench. These little boys got Doritos at the back of the tree while planning what to do so that they could please the tall lady. But conflict comes in when they realized that their heights are not enough to approach the lady sitting. So what they did was to assemble themselves like a tall man in a big shirt. The little boy is sitting on the shoulder of another boy and the first boy will carry the upper shirt and the other one will carry the pants. As they walk towards the lady, they lady was smiling at them because the lady already knew what they are doing. They gave the lady flowers and Doritos and then they leave. The two kids were happy but there comes one more funny moment when the lady went at the back of the tree and surprised them with two packs of Doritos Chips. This Super Bowl story was cute and romantic because these two boys were so much courageous to appear in front of the girl they like even though it takes a lot of strategies to catch the attention of the girl they like.

These three advertisement clips were just some of the funny and humorous clips posted to the sites by different artists and producers. However the clips mentioned above are just some sort of forecast that might happen or not to enter the finals. If you wanted to see and laugh on the clips mentioned, you can search them on YouTube or to the website where Super Bowl videos are posted.


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