All Time Super Bowl Halftime Show Performances

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The grand Super Bowl halftime show is the most awaited halftime of the event. It is where the best performers of all time show off their enormous talent to the world. Aside from the Commercial advertisement airtime, Halftime show performance is also being served. Many performers like the late King of Pop Michael Jackson perform at the Super Bowl that gives an overjoyed feeling to the audience. Watching him will surely complete the day of those who watch his performance. Combining his angelic voice and graceful moves, King of Pop Michael Jackson never fails to make his audience cry while watching him perform. Every performance he made will mark to the minds of people. Being the genius in the music industry, he never stops making songs for humanity. Celebrities like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Whitney Houston who sang the National Anthem at the SuperBowl 1991, Britney Spears, Boy band like NSYNC, Aerosmith, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Nicky Minaj, Bruno Mars, etc.

The performance of these artists has never taken for granted by the people. Their performance gave life to the event and entertains the world. With hundreds of thousands of people watching the Super Bowl every year, live performances of famous artists were being awaited. After the serious football game halftime shows by the famous artists will relieve the people from being anxious in watching the game. Super Bowl is the most awaited events of every year and it is a tradition. Halftime Shows of famous artists caused their album sales to have a great spike because of their exposure. Even though they are not paid for their performances, the exposure will make their income increase.  The halftime show is also considered as a battle between the performances of every artist. They will gain more opportunities and exposure in every performance they will have. And it is not easy to be in the Super Bowl Show. It takes a lot of courage to face the million people around the world. It takes a lot of strength to be better in front of the millions of people across the globe.

Back in 2002, Shaina Twain was the first female artist to perform both in Super Bowl and Grey Cup. She was accompanied by Black Eyed Peas on 2011. In the Super Bowl 38, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake have a controversy about the lyrics they sang were too sexually explicit and the NFL have to delay the song for five seconds and were being censored. Issues and controversies in Super Bowl are inevitable. This is due to the unexpected events happen during the show that cannot be predicted. This is so hard because they cannot please everyone. They have to entertain the audience and at the same time will not offend them. One of the all time performances in Super Bowl was the performance of Diana Ross. She was being called as a diva because when she danced there are men around her. Some are criticizing her being called as a diva. Still, for many reasons and for many people who witnessed her performance on stage, she is a diva. Another famous Super Bowl Halftime performer is Paul McCartney. He used to cover the controversy of Janet Jackson on her one of performance. His performance would always be energetic as it is. It was calm but wild. Many artists joined the Super Bowl and show to the world what they’ve got. However, nothing is permanent in this world. They can be remembered or not by the people. The songs they made will probably remain in the music industry as it passes down to every generation. 

Recently, with the theme “the Woman/Female Empowerment”, Beyonce and destiny’s child win the Super Bowl 47. Beyonce completely stole the show with her 15-minute performance with her top medley hits like “Run the World”, “Love on Top”, “Halo”, and “Crazy in Love” at Louisiana Superdome together with destiny’s child hit songs “Baby Boy”, “Bootylicious”, “Independent Women Part I” that surprises the crowd with their ever applauding performance. After a massive countdown with the speech motivating and a loudspeaker with the perfect two big side-viewed large faces of a woman, Beyonce appears in the middle of the field. Beyonce was wearing a black leather dress that perfectly fit to her body shape to show off her sexiness.  Destiny’s Child members also wear a black leather dress that appears to be the theme of their show. Beyonce was with more than a hundred female dancers backing her up in her every dance moves. The loud scream of the people inside the dome would beat the loud speakers of the show. In performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Beyonce appears to be a legend with her mesmerizing voice and energetic dance moves. She’s one of the best artists who have a great talent both in singing and dancing. Indeed, Beyonce is born to be an artist. She is very influential nowadays. Her existence might be the reason for a particular person to be inspired and motivated. In every performance she will have, it will always be a successful one. 

The latest Super Bowl 38 that was performed by Bruno Mars indeed a majestic one. Bruno Mars is famous in making acoustic songs and inspirational songs. His latest song “When I was your man” was a big hit. Many singers and bands cover the song by using different melody. We can expect more famous artist to perform at Super Bowl for the next years. As many artists will go down, there will also more artists to rise.  The main point is whoever the artist to perform and whatever the circumstances may be, the Super Bowl event will still change the people. It gives everyone a chance to be the best. The reason of its existence would give benefits to the public. It helps unite countries. It helps small business to grow more and expand more. It will surely bring honor to everyone. The National Football League will be more exciting and breathtaking over the years.


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