Lincoln Super Bowl 2013 Commercial Details Revealed

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

As reported earlier, Lincoln will for the first time advertise at the Super Bowl 2013. Lincoln is relaunching its branding with The Lincoln Motor Company name. This is the original name from the 1920s. The Lincoln Super Bowl 2013 Ad will be pushing this new name with a Twitter theme according to USA Today.
So far Twitter appeared as hashtag at the end of Super Bowl commercials. Now Twitter becomes a topic in a Super Bowl ad.
Lincoln will use five crowd-sourced tweets curated by comedian and late night host Jimmy Fallon.

The tweets are about weird road trip experiences and the Lincoln Super Bowl 2013 will enact these road trip "tweets."
I already like the idea that Lincoln is aiming to make a funny Super Bowl ad. Jimmy Fallon is great comedian. I have high hopes that the Licoln Super Bowl 2013 ad will be really funny.
The Super Bowl 2013 will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2013 in New Orleans. Super Bowl Ads for Geeks will again offer full coverage about the Super Bowl Ads ahead and during the Super Bowl XLVII. The first big news is that Kate Upton will star in the Mercedes Super Bowl 2013 Ad.

See all confirmed Super Bowl 2013 Advertisers.

Until Game day, which will bring the new 2013 Super Bowl Ads you can check out the Super Bowl 2012 Ads.


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